Washingtons of Virginia

What Might Have Been

By: - Feb 10, 2018

Washingtons of  Virginia

Gorgeous George
Carved in stone
On our dollar bill
Founding Father
First in War
First in Peace
Survived privations
Grim winter in Valley Forge
Defeated army of
That other George
Britain’s bonkers Third
First President
Shaky republic
Deep in debt
Saved by Hamilton’s
First Bank of the United States
Could have been king
An imperial ring
American Georgian
Ruled by Washingtons
A Dixie dynasty
Like Rome’s Cincinnatus
Abandoned power
Lay down his sword
Returned to plantation
Gracious Mt. Vernon’s
Pampered porch
Gazing out on crops
Served tea by servants
Spared labor in fields
Black backs lashed
In regal South
Where cotton was king
He fought for liberty
All men are free
One nation under
A white God
Named Simon Legree