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Saratoga: A Day At The Races

And Behind the Scenes

Astrid Hiemer - 08-19-2012
We spent a fabulous day at the Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, New York, with our guide Don George, who has lived half of his life with horses as owner and trainer. 50 plus photos accompany the article, a visual story.

Romanian Photo Exhibition

Festivalul International de Jazz Garana, Romania July 21-24

Charles Giuliano - 07-04-2011
Jazz on a Summer's Day. The German/ Romanian artist, Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, has curated an exhibition of vintage, black and white photographs of leading American musicians by Charles Giuliano. The portraits have been enlarged and laminated for outdoor display during the Festivalul International de Jazz Garana, Romania July 21-24. Following the event the images will be donated to a museum in Garana.

Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans

Remarkable Landmark and Heritage

Astrid Hiemer - 06-06-2008
Because of the ground water issues the burials in New Orleans are above ground in vaults. A tour of the Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District reveals interesting evidence of the ethnic diversity of the Crescent City.

Birches and Baobab Trees

Ancient Spirit Trees

Astrid Hiemer - 11-15-2012
Birches have fascinated me for many years! In 2009 we were introduced to Baobab Trees during a trip to Senegal, West Africa. Baobab Trees are also ancient trees with attributions of mystical powers since Millennia. The photo project attempts to convey some of the mysteries.

Natchez, Mississippi's Mansions

Iconic Antebellum Architecture

Charles Giuliano - 04-30-2014
Natchez, Mississippi, per capita, was one of America's wealthiest communities prior to the Civil War. Plantation owners competed in erecting magnificent mansions in the neo classical, Greek Revival style. In commissioning Philadelphia architect Samuel Sloan's grand octagonal design Dr. Haller Nutt's Longwood strove to be unique. When war broke out in 1861 construction was abruptly halted. For generations the family occupied the first floor of the unfinished home. It is the astonishing highlight of a tour of mansions and encounter with their grim legacy of slavery.

Stamps In the Age of Colonialism

Your Land is My Land

Charles Giuliano - 05-17-2014
As a child stamp collecting offered global vignettes. This album of stamps with accompanying text from the 1930s offers horrific insights to the colonialism and racism that fueled WWII. Words and ideas which were seemingly benign now burn into our hearts and minds. This is a grim and riveting glimpse into the past if you take the time to read and reflect on the thoughts of another era. The Third World was a pie to be sliced and consumed by dominant super powers.


Poems in German and English

Astrid Hiemer - 09-24-2006
Spectacular late summer sun flowers inspired the poems in German and English by Astrid Hiemer.

The Carlsbad Caverns

Deep Below New Mexico

Astrid Hiemer - 05-27-2010
.The Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico were recommended to us as a destination on our second “See America” tour. We drove 3000 miles to have the experience. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pueblo Potter Maria Martinez

In Depth Collection of Denver Art Museum

Charles Giuliano - 05-31-2010
Many American museums display examples of the black ware pottery created by Maria Martinez and painted by her husband Julian. The Denver Art Museum has an in depth collection of these unique pieces in a variety of shapes and decorative styles. It is one of the highlights of their stunning presentation of the Art of the Americas.

The Roads of North America, Part Three

A Drive South from the Berkshires to Georgia – 2013

Astrid Hiemer - 09-07-2013
Part Three you wonder? It's our second road trip which we chronicled in daily entries, noting all roads by numbers. And what an adventure! The stops in this report include days in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

The Roads of North America, Part One

Charles was Driving Ms. Astrid, the Navigator

Astrid Hiemer - 08-28-2010
After 6500 miles and 33 days, we returned home ! We had traveled through more than ten states, visited many museums and other cultural sites. We saw America's natural wonders, spent lovely days with old friends and met many interesting people along the way. Please follow us through our journey via photos and entries in my diary.

The Roads of North America: Part Two

Visiting Friends, Art and Natural Wonders

Astrid Hiemer - 09-23-2010
Here's Part Two of entries from my daily diary, while traveling in North America. We started out in Massachusetts in May this year, drove through six States West and South to reach lower Texas, where we spent five nights. Texas is big and beautiful ! Then on to New Mexico, North to Arizona and Utah, East to Colorado ! From there through six more States, before reaching Massachusetts and Home again. Coverage begins in New Mexico.

The Roads of North America, Part Four

From DC to Georgia and Home

Astrid Hiemer - 09-14-2013
When we started planning a trip south, Savannah, Georgia, was the first location that came to mind. Actually, John Berendt’s novel, 'In the Garden of Good and Evil,' triggered our thoughts and imagination. We wanted to explore Old Savannah, as he had portrayed it. Other stops along the way fell into place after that.

Venus of Willendorf

Poem Inspired by Vienna Viewing

Astrid Hiemer - 09-23-2013
While in Vienna Astrid Hiemer viewed the Venus of Willendorf. It inspired the poem reposted from Maverick Arts Magazine.

250 Year Old Southern Live Oak Tree

Hosting Epiphytes: Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern

Astrid Hiemer - 09-27-2013
A series of photographs with a short report will remain on the BFA Project Space. These 16 photos were a gift, received from a very old Southern Oak Tree and the people, who care for the massive tree, hanging Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern.

A Secret Passage Way - 2014

Global Call to Participate in Photo Project

Astrid Hiemer - 06-17-2014
From February to May we invited participants to submit photographs and words via email and Face Book representing passages in any way real or imagined. Collaborators expanded the project in amazing and unexpected directions. Here is the resulting digital exhibition:

Nantucket Sleigh Ride

Moby Dick's New England Legacy

Charles Giuliano - 01-13-2014
In the 19th century the whaling industry, as chronicled in Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick, thrived in Nantucket. The community declined after the 1850s, first through competiton from New Bedford and access to railroads, then through the introduction of cheaper keroscene lamps. Long languishing as a ghosttown it has been revived as a super expensive time capsule of historic architecture and culture. The island swells to some 50,000 inhabitants during the summer season.

The Burren, Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange

A Photo Essay

Astrid Hiemer - 03-16-2014
A photograph is worth how many words? You decide! Our trip to Ireland and England included a couple of days experiencing the land, people and natural wonders of Ireland by bus. We returned with rock-solid photographs (pardon the pun!) and long lasting memories.


Town and Country

Charles Giuliano - 03-24-2014
Fulfilling a lifelong dream to hoist a pint of Guinness in a Dublin pub on my birthday. We were in and out of the city connecting with the Irish heritage of my mother and her ancestors. Encountering the whimsical poetic people in the city and touring the lush countryside and craggy coast there was much that rocked my bones and rattled my DNA. Here is a portfolio of images capturing the essence of that experience.


People and Places

Charles Giuliano - 03-29-2014
Taking the pulse of people and places while out and about in London. Catching the vibrant rhythms and social flavors of a great city.

Taken Hosta

Planting a Berkshire Garden

Charles Giuliano - 05-31-2014
When I was a lad the annual flower show inspired me. Each winter since I have dreamed of summer gardens. Here in the Berkshires with crazy weather and global warming that can be tricky. Last year we had a great but late crop of tomatoes. There is also the ongoing hosta project with eventual tours of our thousand exotic varieties.

Scorton Marsh, Sandwich, Cape Cod

A Poetic Photo Story

Astrid Hiemer - 09-30-2014
We live in the Berkshire Hills and forests, near lakes. Growing up close to the Baltic and North Seas draws me to oceans still. So we recently spent a wonderful and sunny week on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A photography project follows: From a thousand new Cape photos, we photo-shopped 100, then selected approximately 40, further enhanced or painterly distorted them (or not) for this story and poem.

Arcosanti Rings a Bell

Desert Laboratory of Architect Paolo Soleri

Charles Giuliano - 10-22-2014
In 1946, with a degree in architecture, Paolo Soleri started a year and a half fellowship with Frank Lloyd Wright. Returning to Italy in 1950 by 1956 he and his wife Colly established a home, foundation and bell making studio Acosanti near Scottsdale Arizona. In 1970 he founded Arcosanti some 70 miles from Phoenix as a laboratory for his radical urban designs. The plan was for a community of 5,000. Only a fraction was built before his death in 2013.

Arizona Biltmore a Phoenix Landmark

Wright Accents to Albert Chase McArthur Design

Charles Giuliano - 11-04-2014
When it opened at the edge of Phoenix in 1929 the Arizona Biltmore was isolated in a dessert environment. The city has grown around it with a now upscale community. The hotel has gone through different owners, fire, remodeling and renovation . It still retains the aura of Frank Lloyd Wright who was a consutlant to the architect of record Charles McArthur. It remains a landmark for scholar and appeciators of classic American luxury resort design.

Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona

Charles Giuliano - 11-03-2014
From 1928 and the Biltmore, to the founding of Taliesin West in 1937 until his death at 91 in 1959, Frank Lloyd Wright created fifty designs for Arizona. About half were built which is consistent with the average of his career. Recently we spent time exploring projects by the greatest American architect of his generation. There is an ongoing financial struggle for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to preserve his remarkable legacy.