Lighting Up the Berkshires

Toke's No Joke in Great Barrington

By: - Jan 08, 2019

My artist friend Benno Friedman forwarded a letter from his son Nick which appears below.

With one toke over the line, here in the Berkshires, we are free at last.

For me personally, however, it's too little too late. I quit smoking reefer one month after meeting my wife Astrid in July, 1994. So, for me at least, pot is for the young if not the young at heart. But I raise a glass to toast best wishes to Nick and this exciting new venture.


I am writing today with a very exciting update on Theory Wellness.
After months of hard work preparing, we have just received our final license from the CCC to open for recreational sales here in Great Barrington.

Our grand opening will be this Friday, January 11th, at 10AM!
This is a historic event for both Theory and the Berkshires.

We will be the first ever recreational dispensary to open in Berkshire county, marking the start of a new era. This is the 6th location east of Colorado where adults over 21 can enjoy purchasing cannabis in a relaxed, above-board manner. About time!
I wanted to invite you to join us this Friday in celebrating this exciting moment. More information on how to get here, where to park, what to bring, can be found on our facebook and website:
If not this weekend, we look forward on being able to see everyone who has supported us come through at some time and finally see what has otherwise been behind closed doors for many.

We encourage everyone to share this news with friends :-)

Thank you all, and I hope to see you soon!

Nick Friedman | CFO