Amy, The Banner Queen, Johnquest

Eagle Hill Soiree on January 13

By: - Jan 04, 2010

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Come One, Come All,
(as long as you have a reservation)

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all who aspire to the station, gather around, offer up your eager ears, let me provide you with notice of an event so startling, so previously unprognosticated, so laden with potential and possibility that I dare predict you may well suffer a loss of loquacity, and experience a plethora of delight exceeding all imagined propensityÂ…

On January 13, 2010 for one and only one performance, our own Pioneer Valley icon, Amy, The Banner Queen, Johnquest appears live as guest artist of note at the monthly Art Tea of the Eagle Hill Cultural Center in Hardwick, MA.

This monthly workshop hosted by Eagle Hill arts mentor, Pat Bock, will feature complimentary samples of culinary confections to tantalize your palate, and exotic herbal beverages steeped before your very eyes by the hand of brewing master and Chemistry teacher, Tom Gaskill.

You will fall under Ms Johnquest's charm as you watch her take command of the microphone, and produce miraculous images from the aether. Hear her speak about Zappaesque "yummy centers,"and "original not-so-cheap imitations," then listen as she talks about how, (in her own words:)

"In the end, my images translate in any number of directions: political, evolutionary twists, loving tributes, weird science, or good ole' comic relief"

You will then be permitted to bombard her with questions for which only she can have the answers and inquire about her artistic journey from Novelty to EsotericaÂ…

In the pursuit of self preservation you may want to arm yourself with a preparatory visit to her incredibly whimsical if lamentably neglected website:

Above all expect a really fun time, but while all is admission free, you must have a reservation.

To obtain yours, call 413-477-6746 or visit

For information on future Art Tea Workshops @ Eagle Hill: