• Hancock Shaker Dinner

    Cider House Rules

    By: Hancock - Jul 09th, 2021

    The al fresco evening will begin with a stroll and tasting in the orchard, then move onto a multi-course savory farm dinner, featuring craft cider pairings as well as remarks by the cider makers and our farmer about the cider and the apples.

  • Feria de Sevilla (Seville April Fair)

    A Most Spectacular Festival You've Never Heard Of

    By: Victor Cordell - May 07th, 2023

    When booking our trip, we didn't know of Feria, a one-week celebration of community and Seville's history with livestock markets and flamenco that began in 1846. But when our new friend Carlos invited us to join him in going to the fair, we jumped on it. Feria takes place one week in April each year on 25 urban blocks that lie mostly barren except for preparation and celebration of Feria. Imagine the value of the property designated for this one event!

  • Exploring Antarctica

    Bottoming Out on the Globe

    By: Victor Cordell - Mar 13th, 2023

    Friends have asked for reports about our Antarctic cruise. I have broken it into categories for picking and choosing. It was a 9-day journey on Atlas Ocean Voyages, a new luxury brand, on the World Navigator. We had previously decided to give the Antarctic a miss because of the potential misery of four days on the Drake Passage. Then we learned of "Fly the Drake" (i.e., launching the cruise from South Georgia Island rather than Argentina or Chile) and became interested.

  • Cape Ann Rocks!

    Quarries, Poles Hill, Ocean Ledges

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Jan 06th, 2023

    Quarries, Poles Hill, Ocean Ledges and gratitude weave through the following essay, with 30 plus photographs.

  • At the Manship Artist Residency

    All About Quarries, Ponds, and Rocks!

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Nov 22nd, 2022

    All about quarries, ponds and rocks! This article presents a photo and word essay - in the format that I have exhibited at the Eclipse Mill as well as this summer/fall at the Berkshire Art Museum in North Adams, MA.

  • Picking Grapes in Alsace

    Memories of France in the 1970s

    By: Martin Mugar - Sep 04th, 2022

    Charles Giuliano's sister Pip's youthful travels in Asia bring back memories of France in the 70's and my interface with Weltschmer

  • Napa's Auberge du Soleil

    Gordon Huether's L’Esprit du Soleil

    By: NAPA - Jul 15th, 2022

    Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley’s quintessential adult getaway, and renowned local artist, Gordon Huether, today unveiled “L’Esprit du Soleil” (The Spirit of the Sun), a commissioned multi-panel art piece designed especially for the newly remodeled entrance to the award-winning hotel and its Michelin Star Restaurant.

  • The Dishwasher Dialogues

    Down and Out in Paris in the 1970s

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 11th, 2022

    The Dishwasher Dialogues is a tale of being down and out in Paris in the 1970s. George James Light and Rafael Sinclair Mahdavi share tales of staying alive working at Chez Haynes a soul food restaurant. It reads like a hipster's Beggars Opera. Literally this is a saga from rags to almost riches.

  • Come to the Berkshires This Summer!

    New Amtrak Trains

    By: Amtrak - May 08th, 2022

    Amtrak just launched a new seasonal service that will make it easier to enjoy the quaint towns and majestic views of Massachusetts' Berkshires. The new route, called the Berkshire Flyer, will shuttle passengers between New York City and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, beginning July 8 and operate on weekends throughout the summer.

  • Spring Lambs at Hancock Shaker Village

    Season Opens Saturday, April 16

    By: Shaker - Mar 29th, 2022

    “Spring at Hancock Shaker Village is a joyous time,” said Director Jennifer Trainer Thompson. “Our farm literally ‘springs’ to life and there may be nothing cuter than a baby animal. When you add to that 20 historic buildings, and a lot of creative programming --- from farm talks to concerts to the spiritual richness of brooms --- you find a union with content that creates an unparalleled experience. Welcome back, and welcome to our 2022 season!”

  • Haunted Hancock Shaker Village

    Spooky Tours

    By: Hancock - Oct 01st, 2021

    Peer into hidden spaces, with guides sharing tales of ghosts that dwell here and the Shakers' participation in the Spiritualist Movement.

  • Shaker Village Appeal

    Oldest Structure Needs a New Roof

    By: Jennifer Trainer Thompson - Aug 14th, 2021

     Our Laundry & Machine Shop desperately needs a new roof. What's involved? 24,320 cedar shakes. 48,640 nails. 4,500 square feet of roof.

  • The Mount

    Schedule of Events

    By: Mount - Aug 06th, 2021

    The Mount is open for guided tours through October 31. Tours can be booked online at The grounds are open, dawn to dusk, unless otherwise posted.

  • Mongolia Travelog

    Distant, Exotic, and Exciting

    By: Victor Cordell - Jul 07th, 2024

    A nine-day tour reveals a complex and contrasting country geographically and politically. Diet, weather, and many cultural norms are extreme. Although on-the-ground costs can be quite reasonable, organized tours which tend to be expensive are highly recommended. It is a rewarding journey for the experienced and inquisitive traveler.

  • Shaker Village Update

    South Family Trail Opens July 17

    By: Shaker - Jun 25th, 2021

    In 1818 the Hancock Shakers established the South Family to handle the overflow of new members. Also known as the "Young Believers’ Order," South Family members lived before committing fully to the Church and community.  They closed the South Family in 1849. In celebration of the opening of the South Family Trail on Saturday July 17, there will be member reception and interpretive walk starting at 10AM.

  • Juneteenth At Shaker Village

    Celebrating BLack Shakers

    By: Shaker - Jun 18th, 2021

    Beginning in the eighteenth century, the Shakers welcomed many African Americans into their communities. The Shakers believed that all were equal in the eyes of God, and allowed anyone to join their communities, provided that they turned over their property and all material wealth once they committed to communal life.

  • Spring at Hancock Shaker Village

    Come See the Adorable Baby Animals

    By: HSV - Apr 15th, 2021

    It's spring at Hancock Shaker Village. That means time for one of its most popular events. For family fun come see all the newborn animals from lambs and piglets to chicks and goats.

  • Shaker Village Contest

    Bake the Round Barn

    By: Shaker - Nov 17th, 2020

    Get creative in the kitchen. All submissions will be exhibited during Hancock Holidays on Saturday, December 12. Winners receive free membership to the Village and kitchen swag from Shaker Mercantile.

  • Michelin Star Cafe Boulud At Blantyre

    Blantyre Is a Berkshires Gilded Age Mansion

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 19th, 2020

    Chef Daniel Boulud, a two star Michelin Chef at 'Daniel' in Manhattan has brought his crew to run his one star Michelin restauarant, 'Cafe Boulud' at the Gilded Age Mansion, Blantyre (Lenox, Massachusetts). The French inspired restaurant will remain open, Wednesday to Sunday, through mid-October.

  • Hungarian Cabernet Franc

    My Dad's Nickname Was 'Cab Franc'

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 11th, 2020

    Everyone has a story to tell. Not all of us have wine stories. This is one about my Dad and why I went into the wine business.

  • Tanglewood Opening Day 2020

    A No Frills Experience

    By: Phillip S. Kampe - Jul 06th, 2020

    Opening day at Tanglewood, at 10 AM in July 5, was not what one expected.

  • Ethiopia: Part Two

    Simien Mountains, Gondar, Bahir Dar

    By: Zeren Earls - May 15th, 2020

    Simien Mountains, known as "Roof of Africa", is an ecological hot spot for endemic species such as the gelada monkeys. Gondar highlights the architectural glory of the once capital of Ethiopia for 200 years. Bahir Dar is located in the southern shore of Lake Tana, which harbors many islands home to ancient monastic churches with completely painted interiors related to Ethiopian Orthodox liturgy.

  • Hancock Shaker Village Phase One

    Campus Access as of June 4

    By: Shaker - May 29th, 2020

    On Thursday, June 4 as part of Massachusetts Phase 1 initiative, Hancock Shaker Village will open only its outdoor spaces—including its beloved baby animals in outdoor fenced-in areas—to the public Thursdays through Sundays, 10 am–3 pm. This schedule will be in place at least through June, as the Village plans for a full reopening in Phase 3.

  • Hancock Shaker Village

    A Pledge

    By: Jennifer Trainer Thompson - Jun 05th, 2020

    Since the late 18th century, the Shakers have embraced individuals of all racial and cultural backgrounds as equals – including black, brown, and indigenous. We are a museum, not Shakers – but as a museum and in keeping with the historic Shaker values of equality and justice, we are appalled by what we see before our eyes across America.

  • Spa Journeys for Astral Travelers

    What A Trip

    By: Jessica Robinson - Jun 10th, 2020

    Canyon Ranch may be just down the road for Berkshireites, but in the time of Covid, it's as inaccessible as the moon. Jessica Robinson suggests how to satisfy a spa yearning safely.

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