• Who Holds Up the Sky at the MFA

    Ukranian Photography

    By: MFA - Jan 25th, 2023

    The exhibition highlights Behind Blue Eyes, a project started by Dima Zubkov and Artem Skorohodko, volunteers who distribute food and supplies to residents in liberated Ukrainian villages.

  • MFA Acquires Holocaust Trove

    48 Photographs by Henryk Ross

    By: MFA - Feb 22nd, 2021

    “This extraordinary collection of images reminds us of photography’s power to preserve and amplify the full emotional range of lived experience. Together, these 48 photographs serve as both memory and documentary evidence of the extremes of war. They are powerful and memorable,” said Matthew Teitelbaum, Ann and Graham Gund Director. “Imagine the journey: passed from the photographer to a fellow prisoner in the Lodz Ghetto, hidden and brought to New York City in a small envelope, passed from one generation to another after a lifetime of care, and now preserved permanently in one of America’s great collections of photography. That, too, is powerful and memorable.”

  • The Abstract Photography of Carl Chiarenza

    Retrospective at George Eastman House

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 13th, 2021

    Growing up in Rochester, the home of Eastman Kodak, Carl Chiarenza's interest in photography began at an early age. On many levels it is significant that Career Retrospective: Journey into the Unknown is being presented at the George Eastman Museum. It remains on view through June 20.

  • FEVER: A 1981 Photographic Time Capsule

    Allen Frame’s Portraits of New York Friends Before AIDS

    By: Jessica Robinson - Jun 17th, 2021

    In this new book of color photographs, all shot in 1981, Allen Frame attempts to revisit a zeitgeist that had given rise to an aesthetic that was distinctly New York. The distinctiveness was related to a circle of friends, many – though not all of them - gay men, who were making art at a specific moment in New York’s history.  FEVER is Frame’s personal documentary of that time, before the deepening tragedy of AIDS that would claim the lives of many of the young artists pictured in this book.

  • Kaleidoscapes and Sights Unseen by J. Alexander Baker

    North Adams Eclipse Mill Gallery

    By: Eclipse - Jul 02nd, 2021

    “Kaleidoscapes and Sights Unseen”, an exhibition by photographer J. Alexander Baker, at the Eclipse Mill Gallery, is a series of semi-abstract waterside scenes of rivers that reveal unexpected patterns hidden within the natural world. Baker’s digital manipulation of limited color palettes, reflection, repetition and focus transform the Hudson, and other rivers, into kaleidoscopic dreamscapes that exist in the space between observed reality and imagination - "Riparian Kaleidoscapes".  

  • Abandoned Chicagoland: Rust on the Prairies

    By Jerry Olejniczak and Arcadia Publishing

    By: Nancy Bishop - Sep 20th, 2021

    This new book by Jerry Olejniczak is filled with images of sites demolished, transformed by decay, and sometimes overtaken by nature. Olejniczak (pronounced Oh-lay-KNEE-chalk) is an urbex photographer—a photographer as urban explorer.

  • Lewis Hine and North Adams Eclipse Mill

    Children Once Labored in Artists/ Loft Complex

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 22nd, 2021

    During the era of KIng Cotton North Adams thrived by processing bales shipped north from plantations. The Eclipse Mill produced thread which was woven across the street in the Delftree Mill. Until 1938 the mills employed child labor. During a single visit Lewis Hine created nine photographs outside the mill. These images as well as vintage views of the Eclipse Mill comprise a special exhibition. They flank the entrance ramp to the vast artist/ loft complex. The community based project is an aesthetic, historic and humanistic accomplishment.


    Deadline to Submit: Monday, March 7

    By: Woodstock - Jan 28th, 2022

    Supporting photography-based artists, writers, and curators and the dialogue around diversity, race, identity, and social justice. The Center for Photography at Woodstock seeking applicants for residences.

  • Berkshire Artist Stephanie Blumenthal

    Deconstructing Dutch Still Life

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 19th, 2022

    Catching up recently with Sheffield based artist, Stephanie Blumenthal, she commented on having work in the last two annual juried shows of the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield. They are photographs in the manner of 17th century Dutch still life paintings entailing fast food. I asked her to send images which proved to be intriguing.

  • The Moholy-Nagy Estate

    Collaboration with Web-3 Photography Organization Fellowship

    By: Moholy-Nagy - Sep 22nd, 2022

    The Moholy-Nagy Estate announces collaboration with web-3 photography organization Fellowship to launch its first NFT collection 

  • Rachel Portesi: Standing Still

    Griffin Museum of Photography

    By: Griffin - Sep 23rd, 2022

    Rachel Portesi: Standing Still, a solo exhibition of works by artist Rachel Portesi, featuring a selection of collodion tintypes made with large-format vintage cameras that explore the evolving lifelong complexities of female identity. The works in Standing Still are part of the artist's ongoing series of “hair portraits.”

  • LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography

    Boston Museum of Fine Arts: October 9 to January 16, 2023

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 18th, 2022

    In 1936 Henry Luce bought Life Magazine and transformed it into a publication where pictures told the story. At his command to convey a narrow white supremacist fantasy of America's global dominance he employed the legendary photo journalists of his generation. Luce also published Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine and later Sports Illustrated. With a weekly circulation in the millions Life initially had a cover price of ten cents which at that time got you a cup of coffee. LIFE Magazine and the Power of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts captures its essence with an engaging but ultimately disappointing exhibition.

  • At the Manship Artist Residency

    All About Quarries, Ponds, and Rocks!

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Nov 22nd, 2022

    All about quarries, ponds and rocks! This article presents a photo and word essay - in the format that I have exhibited at the Eclipse Mill as well as this summer/fall at the Berkshire Art Museum in North Adams, MA.

  • Carl Chiarenza at the George Eastman Museum

    Career Retrospective: Journey into the Unknown

    By: Eastman - Feb 05th, 2021

    Throughout his career, Carl Chiarenza (American, b. 1935) has demonstrated that photographs can provide much more than just documentary evidence. Rather than create straightforward records of the cast-off materials that appear before his camera, Chiarenza photographically transforms them into new and provocative images.

  • J. Alexander Baker at Eclipse Mill Gallery

    The Big Picture Show

    By: Eclipse - Oct 05th, 2023

    Photographer J. Alexander Baker is featured at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams with the exhibition The Big Picture Show. Recently he purchased a large format printer. This project explores the issue of scale and how bigger is better.

  • Gerard Malanga at Catskills' Beattie-Powers Place

    Moments in Time: Pictures 1965-2023

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 11th, 2023

    In collaboration with curator/designer Martina Salisbury, The Friends of Beattie-Powers Place presents Moments in Time :: Pictures 1965-2023. The intimate salon installation offers a rare opportunity to view a selection of over 60 of Gerard Malanga’s photographs, including portraits of some of the most illustrious artists, musicians, literary figures, and cultural icons of the last six decades.  ?

  • Cape Ann Museum Post Hopper

    Above the Fold: The Photographers of the “Gloucester Daily Times,” 1973-2005

    By: Charles Giuliano - Nov 22nd, 2023

    The Cape Ann Museum presents its next special exhibition, Above the Fold: The Photographers of the “Gloucester Daily Times,” 1973-2005, featuring a selection of works by photographers shooting for the Times for over three decades. The captivating photographs in this exhibition draw on an important archive of an estimated one million photographs which is a recent acquisition donated to CAM by the North of Boston Media Group. 

  • Above the Fold at Cape Ann Museum

    A Million Images Donated by Owners of Gloucester Daily Times

    By: CAM - Nov 30th, 2023

    The captivating photographs in the exhibition draw on an important archive of an estimated one million photographs, a recent acquisition donated to the Museum by the North of Boston Media Group, owners of the Gloucester Daily Times. Through the photographs and personal accounts of more than one dozen GDT photographers, the exhibition reflects the people and stories of Cape Ann and shares the integral role that local photojournalism plays in documenting the community.

  • In Our Hands: Native Photography, 1890 to Now

    Minneapolis Museum of Art

    By: MIA - Dec 04th, 2023

    Presenting over 150 photographs of, by, and for Indigenous people, “In Our Hands” welcomes all to see through the lens held by Native photographers.

  • North Adams Photographer Carlos Caicedo

    Has Won Numerous International Awards

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 08th, 2024

    Carlos Caicedo, a native of Colombia, is an award winning photographer and graphic designer. With his daughter Sandra, who also creates colorful fabric designs, they recently moved to the Eclipse Mill in North Adams. During a studio visit we discussed his process and how what he calls abstract photography is more accurately defined as non objective.

  • Lynching Tree by Steve McQueen

    At the Gardner Museum

    By: Gardner - Jan 10th, 2024

    “Museums are not simply repositories of art. They humanize the landscape of human events. They connect us to life’s most enduring themes. I have long felt this way about the Gardner, and feel it particularly keenly about a work that will be specially presented at the Museum January 20–February 4, 2024.”

  • Celebrating Palm Press

    Also Arizona Landscapes

    By: Gus Kayafas - Apr 18th, 2024

    Gus Kayafas is both an artist/ photographer and publisher of Palm Press. The company, now fifty years old, creates photographic portfolios as works with individual artists. Examples of this work is on view as well as selections from his series of Arizona landscapes.

  • Barbara Bosworth at the MFA

    Photographed a Meadow in Carlisle

    By: MFA - May 20th, 2024

    In 1996 artist Barbara Bosworth (b. 1953) began photographing a meadow in Carlisle, Massachusetts, just northwest of Boston. Returning regularly over the next 15 years, she used a large-format camera to capture images of the land at different times of day and in all seasons.

  • Mark Morrisroe at Clamp

    Leading Figure of the Boston School.

    By: Clamp - May 29th, 2024

    Mark Morrisroe, who died at 30, was the most innovative of the artists shown as the Boston School at the ICA in an exhibition curated by Lea Gangitano. Since his premature death his reputation has continued to grow. This is his fifth solo with Clamp Gallery. His work has been acquired by numerous museums.

  • Bert Stern Family Collection “Marylin Uncovered"

    Exhibition at Sohn Fine Art in Lenox

    By: Sohn - Jul 16th, 2024

    Bert Stern’s children, Trista and Bret, comment on the exhibition, “We are thrilled to bring our father’s iconic 1962 shoot with Marilyn Monroe back to vivid life at the beautiful Sohn Fine Art Gallery. Marilyn was our dad’s dream girl, a unique mix of actress, model and ‘American goddess’ (as he called her) that he never encountered before or after. He told us, ‘Stars die, but light goes on forever.’ Through the magic of photography, Marilyn Monroe is still reaching us with her light today.”

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