An Elevator Full of Crows

Cyrano Knows Noses

By: - Jan 09, 2015


An Elevator Full of Crows

Let’s take all to task
To see how it goes
Words are flying
A scattering murder of crows
Woe betide the villain who can single out
A single crow
A fool’s errand to quip such arrogance
For the one crow lays dead at their feet
On the white of snow

To repel ghosts said the fly in the buttermilk
Look no further than at Cyrano
Whose imperial promontory
Lends a perch for elite crows to roost
Said he with magnificent wit:
“There, sir, now you have an inkling of what you might have said, had you been a witty man of letters…”

Day by day
In the rush of every day
All flock to elevators of big money
A day’s work for a day’s pay
Garbed in stately black crow
Unaware of the Fartman
Trapped just the same
But not a crow who sends them scattering
Same as a murder of crows
So it goes to have the last word
Let them eat crow