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Arts Critic Reveals Passion for Sports

By: - Jan 31, 2015


There are certain things that most of my friends and business colleagues do not know, as it just hasn't come up in conversation. 
And now, I feel compelled to talk a wee bit about it.
You may ask why now. Well, blame it on Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, as well as Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, all   prominently featured in today's New York Times.
My father, being a boxer, boxing manager, as well as a golf and tennis pro, played and even larger part by introducing me to sports, more so solo than team.
My father won the Golden Gloves 2 times, in 2 different weight classes, gave tennis lesson to Ginger Rogers, and before he died, played tennis on a regular basis with actor James Caan.
I myself played a games with Pancho Segura
and Pancho Gonzales, 2 world champions.
Actor Buster Crabb (1932 Olympic Gold Medal Winners, as well as an actor who played, among other Tarzan, Flash Gordon & Buck Rogers) taught me how to swim. Just saying.
So, I always preferred following solos sports, and watching team stuff out of the side of my eye. When I do delve into team sports, it is usually, being raised under a "Star System"  to follow the doing of a star player like David Beckham or Tom Brady or Michael Phelps.
In today's New York Times there is a fascinating, and very long article of Tom Brady. I posted the link to the article below.
I used to play both tennis and golf, frequently at that, when I lived in Los Angeles which was conducive to playing outdoors. The I moved to NYC and that was that!
About today:
The Good News: First things first. I woke up, Happily to find out that Serena, whose career, along with her sister Venus' career I have been following for years, triumphed again.  
The Bad News: One the other side of the coin, Tiger Woods career, lately a series of set backs, has hit an embarrassingly new low. See link Below.
The Patriot Tom Brady:
Wishing you a wondrous weekend,