Ukrainian Artist Julia Kissina

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By: - Mar 01, 2022

 Bill Wadsworth is a poet and professor at Columbia University. He has a wide knowledge of global literature.

In view of the recent Russian attack he sent along images and information on  Julia Kissina a Ukrainian artist and writer.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of her work.

Julia Kissina is quite well known and established in Germany and Russia and does work in all kinds of media, including as a performance artist and fiction writer. She writes in Russian and has had a number of books published there and in Germany.

Lately she has been spending what time she can in New York City, where she would like most to live and work.

She doesn't have a gallery or publisher in the U.S., and has had only a few stories translated into English. Julia isn't known here except among a few in the Russian art and literature community.  Since the summer, she's been back in Berlin.  Her work can be easily accessed on Instagram.

I think she's a brilliant artist and her work deserves to be shown and better known here.  She's about 50 years old.  She's Jewish and left Ukraine years ago as a dissident against the then-Russian backed regime and settled in Berlin.  

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