Son et Lumiere

Midnight Spectacle at Versailles

By: - Mar 22, 2015


Son et Lumière

After supper in the Orangerie
Bal a Versailles
Would have preferred
Hall of Mirrors
Evoking the Sun King
Stepped out on the terrace
For traditional
Son et Lumière
French horns from the woods
Little sister Pip
Wearing crown jewels
Necklace of
Champagne corks
Collected at many
Regal receptions
So clever and inventive
Mocking with panache
Event that Josephine
The debutante
Took to heart
After the bal
Hitched a ride
Back to Paris
Limo of  Pittsburgh heiress
Stopped for
Onion soup in
Les Halles
Wearing formal attire
Like a photo spread
In Vogue