How It Is

Hauling Lobsters

By: - Jun 02, 2015



with my sleeves up its
warm in the dark fog
because I m ready for working
with the ocean on my hands
and the kelp drop over me
I have wet thighs and bottom (bum)
we rowed out in the fog and the light rain
but I m dry in the feet with
thicksocks in rubber
ready for hauling
working out the chill
knowing what to
coil and clear
it is fun
it is enormous
knowing to figure eight
the yachts
three-strand Dacron
twist it for our buoy
while her yellow-clad
executive deckhand
over his port and starboard bows
lovely knowing
either bow is fine
knot the line open traps
take the lobsters
claws together
big enough so they dont/cant
reach back to bite your wrist
chop the fish and
knit them into bags and
let the children drop them
then and go fogbound
by the blowing of the three horns
ashore warm nobody outside out
nobody warm in it
it's Christmas by their lights
evening worked and full

Melissa de Haan Cummings