Mezze in Williamstown

Soup is Chill

By: - Jun 09, 2021

All around us, our team is maintaining inspiration.  We are finding our grounding again as we move into weekends filled with back-to-back weddings, and our dining room continues to hum.

This week Chef Nick and his team have updated the prix fixe menu featuring delights such as:

Chilled beet soup garnished with cucumbers, green olive, gammelgarden yogurt, salmon roe

Hanger steak with poblano romesco, olive oil potatoes,
redshirt farm lettuces

Panna cotta with navel oranges, pistachios + milk crumb

Maddy and her team have been playing with classic cocktail riffs, including

Lavender 75
berkshire mountain distillers greylock gin,  housemade lavender bitters, sparkling wine

We look so forward to greeting you soon!