Backward Buildings

A Tenant In My Home

By: - Jun 10, 2015


Backwards Buildings
Take up too many rooms
In this empty
Saddened house
And I swear
I would have evicted you
But your rent has 
Already been paid
Twice by now
My silent shouts
Haven't touched
Your skin
Haven't filled
The empty rooms
You've left your
Scars in
Render me tenant 
In my home 
I'm not welcome in
But I am well
Adjusted to
I was here first
Didn't reside in me
As long as I have
Lived inside of me
And you 
Are too many
False burglar alarms 
Too many
Broken windows
Too many 
Stolen shoes 
I walk barefoot 
In this backwards
You've created
Cement ceilings
With glass foundations
But you
Are the only place
I've known as home
And I swear
I'd have left by now
But I 
Am all I have left by now
And it's a 2 for 1
Exclusive deal
I do not exist
Without you here
We are inhabitants
Together, inseparable 
But you
Are nothing more
Than an unwelcome 
A home
I will never
Comfortable in
But to tell you to go
Is to tell me to go
And then
Where'll I call home?