Abstract Art

By: - Jun 22, 2015

Branding the latest iPhone6
Nobody really cares
Who did it
Some geek from
Silicon Valley
No doubt well paid
Money not fame
Identity irrelevant
Functionality counts
Developing technology
Slow and tedious process
Like creating
Abstract art
I explained to a friend
Most people
Glaze over trying
To comprehend the arcane
Humanize it
Put a face
On the concept
Like the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
After years of effort
Simply said
Mr. Watson come here
I need you
That all important
Eureka moment
We relate to that
Nobody gives a fig
About the science
How can your
Work engage us
Pitch the
Sizzle not the steak
Then as you say
The image speaks for
Itself but
How to get us
To look
Bait the hook with
Something tasty
To chew on