Cove Chatter

The Ice Bucket Challenge

By: - Jun 30, 2015


Cove Chatter
August 6, 2014

3:15 pm
On the promontory
a saxophone and
an acoustic guitar
Under the palm trees
six green wire lobster traps
Flat calm sea
tuna fishing weather
occasional clouds
break the eighth degree heat
The Stowell Crowd goes out
on their outbound
Strangers find the dogs so cute
A local lady opens the trunk
of her sedan to offer canine cookies
Solitude on the ledges
Talking up Stewie's
Beach chairs and children arrive

Riley  What did you do?
Are you missing a kid?

Chihuahua performs Dolphin Pose
across my sun hot belly
Scraps of saxophone notes
Kids begin to jump off the ramp
Splash and laugh

Maybe we'll show them the video
How deep is it?
Ready?  One two three GO

from Stewie's
Nug!  Nug!  Get outa there!
from the water
Nugget C'mere
Hey!  Russell Haselgard!
Stepped on my head
C'mon moose
Awww blind puppy
My girlfriend
I told them
That's not deep enough!
That's not deep enough!
I think I might have been
Dad!  There's a big...
Randall!  Do it!
Splash!  Splash!
Tommy go in on a angle
Saxaphone scale
Mum?  you want to walk over
and watch us?
Mum  Are you coming?
from the Flatiron
Hey Russell  Ready?
Five gallon bucket of water
over Russell who broke
his ribs and collarbone
wiping out off a Harley
on Route 133 a few months ago
Girl sitting on trap where Russell was
Bucket full
Ah!  Ah!  Ah!
Tell Randy his wallet's
in the back of Hal's truck

Hi Timmy!  Timmy!  Timmy!
Mom!  Dad!  Mom!  Can you?  Can you?
Mom can we go jump off the top of the
Dogs snuggle bet even knees and belly
No  We're gonna go on the wall!
B K's coming over
Toddler:  Where's my baby?
Collects dolly, pulls on rope
Hal:  Hey!  Hey!  Don't break
my rope!  Hahahahaha!
I'm only teasing

Samantha:  Hi Melissa!
We just got married!
It was perfect and we
spent the next three days
in Ogunquit  I have to go
do this Ice Bucket Challenge
Did you do it?
No  The ocean's enough for me
Maybe I'll nominate you
Doesn't age have privileges?
Hi Mackenzie!  Did you do it?
I did it yesterday
They were on top of the wall
and I was under it  It hurt

Mama!  Can you take us
to Vernon's later?
No  It's Daddy's birthday
We'll go home
O I didn't know that!
Toddler Sidney:  I'm gonna
jump in the water
O Daddy
Kevin:  That's Baby Creepy!
Toddler seats wet baby
in someone's beach chair
runs to the water

The Stowell Boat putters
to its anchorage
Hi Jose!
Been on Facebook lately?
You should go on
You might have to do something
Hi Hal!  You making trouble?
No  I just set up The Ice Bucket Challenge
for Lou Gehrig's Disease
People in Massachusetts are doing it
Kind of fun!  We should do it
in the wintertime!

Kevin:  She forgot her baby
O No
Baby Creepy

Walk to the pillar on the Flatiron
with Chandler Stewie Hal Pino
Turns out the bucket holds thirty gallons
twenty five gallons of sea water
and two of ice
The thirty is supported
by two upright triangles
and a swiveling crossbar
The challenged sit on a footstool
facing a camera and states
name challenger challengee
Then Hal tilts the twenty gallons
and asks you to jump into the sea
Now downtown they use a forklift
and a six by six by four foot fish tank!
cf Vito Giacaleone

Take the challenge nominated by Stewie
Nominate D  Pino films all for Facebook
to prove we did it 
Chandler nominates Bill Stowell
Stewie says No he had a
four way bypass
Chandler refuses to nominate his wife
calls for Harry
Julie Morey plans to donate
ten dollars for each of us

Melissa de Haan Cummings
6 August 2014