Cat Crawls In

By: - Aug 11, 2015


Fog bank to the west

Can you blow up my tires?
Do you have a pump?
Reach to the right front
of the over full closet
encounter small boxes
a bag of sleeping gear
No pump
Do you?
A car pump
Allow the boxes of dust cloths
and nightgowns to tumble
knock over the window wash
and moth flakes
which require the dustpan
Find pump
Pass to Dylan for Damon
Whistle blows and blows
came off the bedroom wall
some how

On the porch
How many gears
do you think Geoffrey has?
I dunno  Fourteen?
Twenty four!
He has eight in front
and three in back
And what's three times eight?
Twenty four!
I have six
How many do you have?
Well I forget  Let's count
Three on that side
Seven on this side
What's three times seven?
I know!  It's ten!
No  What's seven plus seven?
O  Fourteen
Plus seven
Twenty one!

Ride to the tracks
Stop to pee
by a quarry and poison ivy
at the loop of Woodburies
That's a beautiful porch!
Is your water good?
Two years old
I think so
Yup it's good  Want some?
Can I swim in the quarry
on the way back?
How deep is it?
I don't know
I know others
you can swim in
When do we stop?
When you want
O blood down to your socks!
You can wipe it with a leaf
Leaves are too pretty
Where's this road go?
Eyes widen
All the way to Rockport?
Wanna go?
I never been to Rockport before
except in a car
Here are horses
If they wag their tails
does that mean they're happy?
Can we pat them?
If they come over
Hi Horsey!
Look at his bum!
It's the highest part of him!
Feed the pinto long Wes's
The brown ones come by
Enjoy weeds
Their teeth are like camels!

Small bikes jump higher than big ones!
We'll have to go over that stick
on the way back
Wanna visit Josh?
Here's Rockport!
This is good for my muscles!
Shows white thighs
Shows bicep
Guess what!
We came by bicycle!
O you must want some water!
Lookit his muscles!
Put down your glass
and show Sally
Wanna go?
I wanna hurry to the cove
Is it high tide?
This is fun!
The woods is quick!
Wait!  Sata!
See that daddy long legs?
The red thing with black legs
O  Yah
I'll go first cause I'm faster
This is my first time!
This is my longest ride!
Thanks for taking me here Sats
Can we do this again?

There's nobody here
They'll come
Tide's rising
Hangs out at diving board
and dock with older children
protecting his three dollars
when diving

Light southeasterly
has dissolved the fog
To beer store alone
for three dollar ice cream
giant chocolate drop cookie
Takes full canoe for its
upside down rides alone

Tell Mummy what you did!
What did I do?
This afternoon!
Can you help me
tie up the canoe

Couple green heads
One yesterday one today
Where'd they come from?
I used to live in Ipswich
If you didn't get away
I think they'd eat you
to the bone!
It's only five weeks though
And they still charge
for the beach!

Rather be lying in the sun
on a rock in a breeze
with the neighbors in and out
than owning my own in ground pool
and Escalade and staying home

Mum!  What's that?
It's an adult beverage
Tastes like orange soda
Kinda Sorta
What's it called?

Melissa de Haan Cummings
21 July 2015