Tales of the Lower East Side

By: - Sep 11, 2014




First floor garden apartment

303 East 11th street

Lower East Side

Living on the dole

Steamy summer

Window wide for air

Cat jumped in

Threw it out

Jumped in

Threw it out


Bought milk food and litter

Ok pal let’s tough it out

Mooshie Cat

Sat on my chest purred

Gently dug claws in

Hours licking clean mangled fur

Started to shine again

Uptown for a séance

Warlock in Sybil Leek’s American coven

Is there a spirit in the room

Table tapping

Back home Mooshie sick

Nursed all night

Frantic calls to Animal Rescue

Bundled up on a bus

Croaked in my arms

Walking home at dawn

Ironic bright sun

Passing trash cans

Couldn’t do it

Put Mooshie in a paper bag

Stuffed in the freezer

Down and out

Jim came and took me to the Berkshires

Stayed in the Church

Bell tower

Rang it in the morning

Winter then Spring

Landlord provided old doors

Jerry and I cobbled a wall around the yard

Cleaned up the trash

Old bed spring as a grill

Barbecue with sangria

Mooshie buried

Best friend I ever had