Lunch With Dexter Gordon

Frozen Schnapps in Copenhagen

By: - Sep 18, 2014




Cheap Copenhagen flight

Boston then stops to refuel

Gander, Newfoundland


Out of the office for a week

Sunday piece due on return

OK to leave

Come home with a story

Telephone book

Called ex-pat Dexter Gordon


What’s happening baby


Meet for lunch

Solid baby

Tall handsome dude

Talked Danish bebop to the waiter

Need a taste to get straight man


Frozen schnapps

Me too

A few

The man was after him in the States

Staying alive in exile

Kicking horse

Denmark sweet to hipsters

Staggering through the streets

Like an acid trip

Later back stage US gig

Triumphant return

Signed with Columbia

Tours and festivals

Sweet horn

Horizontal tribute to audience

Lyrical playing

Words spoken then played

Poetic and powerful

Hey Dexter remember me

We met in Copenhagen

No baby

Next gig

Hey Dexter remember me

No baby

Again and again

Running gag

Etched in memory