Fences and Neighbors

By: - Oct 28, 2015


Vines concealing
the neighbor's fence
the ugly sound barrier
on the highway
the bushes near the sea

After I drove my Nova
into the house
my mother had sold
the day before
I was disoriented
I had one shoe on
one off
I walked up the hill
to my grandmother's house
No  My other grandmother's
O yah
They were sitting down
to spaghetti dinner
so I joined them
They kept asking me questions
Finally the police arrived
I said  Good 
Take me out of here
I was sixteen
I had a pink slip
They had to get a real one
They talked about
taking my license
I called up the judge
pretended I was someone else
I asked him how long do you
lose your license for?
I'm a fisherman
I need my license
He told me wait two weeks
I'll send it in the mail
And he did!
I called to thank him
and found out
He just retired!!!

She told us
Practice gratitude and grace
What's grace?
It's what they say before dinner
O  I thought it was
what The Virgin
was full of

She's an obstacle course
Very good!
She's all over the place
Fried brain
She's on meds
For depression
I still think
She drinks too much

Two week old whimpers
Panties changed
on the wooden flat bed trailer
O that feels better!
Tony!  Her poop
was as long as she is!
Curled in a secure arm
for a bottle

On the gravel
a trail of sea weed
bends to the right
Somebody took a boat out
O!  The dock is out!

Melissa de Haan Cummings
18 October 2015