Harvard Square Celebrates Folk Era

Performances and Exhibitions Through Nov. 30

By: - Nov 17, 2009

Folk Folk Folk Folk Folk
Forever Young: The Amazing Grace of Folk Music History in Harvard

Fifty years ago, the established businesses and political power-meisters
of Harvard Square did their best to brand the folk venues and the
participants in their midst as dangerous, subversive and anti-American
and stamp them out.

Harvard Square celebrates, through November 30, the survival and
vitality of the folk community as a venerable institution with storefront
displays of genre ephemera and proudly proclaims a stamp of approval
upon a series of  performances by representatives from the distant  and
not so distant  past which included Maria Muldaur, and Suzanne Vega.

Coming up this week are two events of note.

Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks will perform Friday November 20th  at
the First Parish Church, 3 Church St. in the Square starting at 8:00 p.m
Anyone remember "I Scare Myself?"

At 7PM on the 22nd of this month at The Brattle Theater, 40 Brattle
Street: .A Special Screening of the film "Festival!" directed by Murray
Lerner.  "Festival" is a documentary featuring rare performances from
the Newport Folk Festival between 1963 and 1966.  A "Q&A" with
the Director and reception will follow the screening.  

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Link to New England Folk Music

Events and Locations


Video – New England Folk Music Archives Video with highlights
from the collection.

Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe, 6 Brattle Street, 617-491-8888

Photographer: Melissa Bugg – "Portraits"

The Tannery, 39 Brattle Street, 617-491-0810


Photographer: Steve Nelson -"Faces of the Square in the 1960's"

Passport, 43 Brattle Street, 617-576-0900  


Photographer: John Byrne Cooke "Visions of the Future: Baez & Dylan"

Ephemera Artist: Original Club 47 Calendar by Byron Lord Linardos.

Vision House, 7 JFK Street, 617-661-3676.


Photographer: Rowland Scherman – "Folk Giants"

The former Z-Square Windows at 14 JFK Street




"The Sexy Sixties" – Portraits of Maria Muldaur, Joan Baez and Betsy
Siggins, at the Viking Hotel Pool, Newport 1964 -
Various Photographers

Mint Julep, 6 Church Street, 617-576-6468


Ephemera Artist: Byron Lord Linardos "Beautifully Illustrated and
Hand Printed Posters and Club 47 Calendars"

LF Stores, 26 Church Street, 617-492-7700


Photographer: Robert Corwin "Early Newport Folk Festival Photos
from the 1960s"

Dado Tea, 50 Church Street, 617-547-0950,


Photographer: Ralph Jaccodine's images of Anje Duvecot and Adam

Tistik, 54 Church Street, 617-661-0900



Photographer: Various Photos from the New England Folk Music
Archives Collection.

J.P. Licks, 1312 Massachusetts Avenue, 617-492-1001


Artwork & Ephemera Window: Eric Von Schmidt

Book Collection: Folk Music Books for kids and teens!

Photographer: Don West – "Folk Music through the Ages"

Harvard COOP 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, 617-499-2000,


Posters: Club Passim Campfire Festival Posters Autographed by
hundreds of folk artists. Installation: Interactive Guitar with Oral
Histories of Folk Artists by Touchable Stories Artist Shannon Flattery.

Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street, 617-492-5300


Photographer: Robert Corwin -"1960's Folk Legends from Newport
Folk Festival"

Eye Q Optical, 12 Eliot Street, 617-354-3303

Photographs by Don West & Rowland Scherman & Walter Petrule

Irving House at Harvard, 24 Irving Street, 617-547-4600


Assorted photos and posters from the NEFMA Archive.

Window of 124 Mount Auburn (at Corner of Mount Auburn and
University Place).

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