Can I Have a Vowel

By: - Nov 21, 2020

Can I Have a Vowel


It’s a common error

When meeting perfect strangers
Screw up my name
Ever so slightly

Pronouncing it GiulianI

Rather than GiulianO
E, I, O

So it goes
Old MacDonald had a farm

No, don’t go there
Ever so slight difference
Oh so close
Most likely Sicilians
The famous bandit
Ended with O

Come to think of it
Rudy the one with an I
Also a bandit
Which please excuse me
I am very much not
Like really famous
If you call it that
Compared to which
I’m quite obscure
Though not entirely

Decent and respectable
A good sort all-in-all
Upstanding decent bloke
Which he good grief
Most certainly is not
Consider his name
Rudy egads

Sad so sad
Really really sad
Sounds rather Russian
Not at all Italian
Like Guido or Cosmo
Or even Luigi
Perhaps Pasquale

Enrico in a pinch
But cripes man
Anything but Rudy

Again it’s the vowel
Ends with a Y
Why not you say
But switch the Y
For an E
Can I have a vowel
Instead of Rudy
You get Rude
Plain and simple
Clear as glass
A perfect fit
Then off to the races
All kinds of stuff
Have fun with it
Start with Crude
How about Lewd

That’s the ticket
Now we’re onto it
Into the shit
Oink, Oink
Snort in the trough

Playing little piggy
Slopping about
Deep in muck
Sucking up to Trump
Another quacking duck
The Donald
A Disney fantasy
But more bonkers
Really really sucks

Down on MacDonald’s Farm
With an IOU
W and sometimes Y

I before E
Except after C
And a few consonants
You owe me pal
Give me back my O
An eye for an I
America’s Mayor