Irish Wake

Grandpa Flynn Stiff in the Parlor

By: - Nov 27, 2014





Visiting Allston
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Best & Company outfits
Grandpa Flynn in huge kitchen
Dressing gown
Puffing on pipe
Wet dishcloth thrown in my face
Ritual greeting
Scary but loving
Great laughter
Breaking usual silence
Said little
Like Will Rogers
Only knew what he read in newspapers
Bootlegger, hotel and saloon keeper
The Kennedys
That other Irish clan
Coffin in the parlor
Surrounded by potted palms
House full of mourners
Eating turkey sandwiches
Slopping down oceans of whiskey
Raucous merriment
Rite of passage
Friends neighbors and perfect strangers
A right fine man we was
Come to pay respects
Cold and stiff mostly ignored
Puzzled me
Hadn’t yet read James Joyce
All so strange
Missing Grandpa
No wet laughter this time
A Last Hurrah