Artist Portfolios


  • Robert Morgan

    Oversized, Collaged and Eccentric Watercolor Paintings
  • Pennie Brantley

    Oil Paintings of dramatic images representing psychological states
  • Joe Goodwin

    Joe Goodwin is an abstract painter who works with acrylic paints that he mixes from dry pigment. The are then layered and sanded to create ephemeral atmospheric images that allude to various natural phenomena. He currently lives and works in Pittsfield, MA and can be reached at
  • Laurie Mason Goddard

    Abstract, mixed media paintings on panel and paper. Landscape inspired, Modernist approach.
  • Martin Mugar

    Most recent paintings from 2010-2012
  • Laura Chasman

  • Ann Scott

    Oil & watercolor paintings
  • Photography

  • Charles Giuliano

    Photo collages.
  • Mixed Media

  • Randy Stevens

    William Morris Hunt Memorial Library Museum of Fine Arts, Boston FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS RANDY STEVENS January 16 - March 27 My work is a parody of the machinations which take control of an artist’s work: legitimize or reject it, price it, market it, write about it, and deify art stars. By providing images which contain subject matter traditionally deemed by art initiates as examples of bad taste with no place in the lofty lagoons of high art, and sporting text which instructs art buyers of the price and proper placement of the work, I hope to usurp control from the lords of the gallery system who hold artists in indentured servitude. So, FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS. As the artist, I know best.

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