• Easter Wines During A Nor'Easter

    Tuscany Is Famous For The Sangiovese Grape

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Mar 21st, 2018

    Choosing the right wines for your Easter meal is often a hard task. Two recommendations for your Easter table are contained in this article. All you have to provide is either lamb, pasta with red sauce or pizza.

  • Wild Yeast Wines Are In

    Sulfite Free Wines Are Here

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Apr 05th, 2018

    The Wild Yeast wine movement is here to stay. Organic and biodynamic grapes, unfltered and on occasion, sulfite free.

  • Malbec World Day On April 17th

    Its Time to Celebrate

    By: Philip S. kampe - Apr 10th, 2018

    Each year on April 17th, wine lovers celebrate 'Malbec World Day." The tradition started in Argentina and now throughout the world ia celebrating this wonderful varietal. Malbec originated in France, was wiped out due to phylloxera, and rebounded in Argentina as early as the 1850's. Today it is a National treasure.

  • Lucien Albrecht Wines From Alsace

    Great Cremants And Still Wines

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Apr 25th, 2018

    Wines from Alsace, an area that was French and German have history on their side. The regions culture and traditions have been preserved for centuries, just as the wines from Lucien Albrecht, who, started in 1425.

  • Antica Wines Of Napa Family Owned

    The Antinoris of Tuscany Founded Antica Wines in 1986

    By: Philip S.Kampe - May 01st, 2018

    Antinori Winery from Tuscany is the oldest, active, wine producer in the world. In 1986, the company bought property in Napa Valley and founded the Antica Winery. After 30 years, the winery is well known for wines that maintain the same high quality as the wines from Antinori have done for their entire existence.

  • Miner Winery A Napa Favorite

    A Family Story

    By: Philip S. Kampe - May 01st, 2018

    The Miner Family Winery in Oakville, California, part of Napa Valley, is a true family winery in existence for the past twenty years. Dave Miner and his wife, Emily, founded the winery-possibly as an escape from the software life Dave Miner was living in the 1990s.. Two decades later, the winery has a cult following for its signature Oracle wine.

  • Umbria's Sagrantino Wines

    Prepare for Cool Nights And Hot Days

    By: Philip S.Kampe - May 04th, 2018

    In the 1960's, after nearly extinction, the Sagrantino varietal was revived and has come back and is known as one of Italy's finest grapes. Montefalco, in Umbria, is where this bold,concentrated grape thrives. Huge tannins take years to cool down. With daytime summer temperatures near 100F, cool nights are needed for this grape to survive. And it has.

  • 2016 Is A Vintage Port Year

    Possibly The Greatest Vintage Has Arrived

    By: Philip S. Kampe - May 14th, 2018

    It is a rare occurrence for a Vintage Port year where all of the critics are hailing 2016 as one of the greatest vintage port years. After previewing the ports, I must agree that it is truly a banner year. Small yields mean that this vintage will be hard to find.

  • Finger Lakes New Vines Vineyard

    Unique Winegrowing Region

    By: Philip S. Kampe & Maria Revely - May 30th, 2018

    The Finger Lakes are New York states largest wine growing region, with over 150 vineyards crisscrossing the eleven Finger Lakes. One vineyard is home to New Vines B&B and is located within two miles of seven other vineyards. With a resident winemaker on premises and the use of local and homegrown crops for breakfast, it was easy to digest what the Finger Lakes region was about.

  • The Finger Lakes, Gateway To American Wines

    Riesling Rules

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jun 26th, 2018

    Only hours away from millions of people, the Finger Lakes, located in central New York state, is home to a large wine making population. With over one hundred twenty vineyards, located on or near one of the eleven lakes, the Finger Lakes 'cold climate' wine culture thrives year round, focusing on the Riesling varietal.

  • Valpolicella Is A Summer Wine

    Soft Fruity Best Chilled For 20 Minutes

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jul 20th, 2018

    Valpolicella, a wine from the Verona area, in the Veneto appellation, exhibits summer drinking potential when chilled for twenty minutes. Like Peosecco and Rose wine, Valpolicella, a red wine, has a soft and fruity profile, one that loves the summer desire, as well as year round.

  • Valpolicella the Whole Story

    The History Of Unique and Affordable Wines

    By: Philip S.Kampe - Jul 30th, 2018

    Valpolicella has always been a favorite wine of mine, probably due to my father. At a very young age, under ten years old, he introduced me to Valpolicella and Cream Sherry. Over fifty years later, my love for both wine varieties still lingers.

  • Amarone Loves Corvina

    Dried, Pressed Grapes

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 07th, 2018

    Certain grape varietals dominate the consistency of certain wines. The marriage of the Corvina grape, after drying for four months, then pressed, create a wine that is full of depth, flavor and unlike other wines. That wine is Amarone.The grape, Corvina, is what makes Amarone special. This article deals with that.

  • Do Bourbon Barrels And Zinfandel Mix

    Nice Nuance

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Sep 07th, 2018

    A new group of wine drinkers prefer their Zinfandel aged in bourbon barrels. It's the small nuances of charred vanilla on the palate that makes the difference. To achieve that consistantly, makes me want to jump on the bandwagon.

  • A Gewurztraminer From Alsace Worth Buying

    A Thriving Family Business

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Sep 10th, 2018

    Since the early 1800's, the Baur family from near Colmar, in France's Alsacian region, has owned several plots of land in this rich, limestone and clay soil area, known for Gewurztraminer (white wine). The family started bottling the wine in 1950 and now thrives with great grandson, Arnaud running the operation.

  • Detroit Wineries

    Not Just Cars from Motown

    By: Anne Siegel - Sep 29th, 2018

    Most folks have no idea of Detroit’s winemaking history. In 1702, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac wrote about the vineyards he planted along the Detroit River (some of the first in North America). Prior to Prohibition, Kownacki notes, several Michigan wineries existed. One of these became known as St. Julian Wine Company, which today produces more than 50 different kinds of wine.

  • Feel The Heel of Puglia

    Primitivo di Manduria

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Oct 08th, 2018

    Puglia is referred to as the 'boot or heel' of Italy. It is located easternmost on the bottom of Italy and has 325 miles of coastline, whch helps enhance the grapes from the province. The wines are interesting and kin to American Zinfandel, a varietal dominant in the northwest.

  • Copolla's California Wines

    More Than Making Movies.

    By: Matt Robinson - Oct 09th, 2018

    While he may be best known for directing award-winning films like “Apocalypse Now” and the “Godfather” series, Francis Ford Coppola ( was a winemaker before he was a filmmaker.

  • Primitivo Di Manduria: Puglia's Wine

    The Land And Sea Of Puglia

    By: Philip S.Kampe - Oct 21st, 2018

    Primitivo di Puglia is a deep red wine from the heel or better known as the boot of Italy. The area is hot and dry, but fortunately has 325 miles of coastline. The varietal, Primitivo, grows on rather flat land that slopes into the sea. The result is a thick skinned grape that is full of fruit and high alcohol. It is known as Zinfandel in America. The root and distance cousin of Primitivo came from Croatia.

  • Exploring Spectacular Biltmore (Wine Included)

    Vanderbilt's Chateau Near Asheville

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Oct 27th, 2018

    The Biltmore Estate, near Asheville, North Carolina, is a 250 room mansion that opened on Christmas Eve, 1895. The Vanderbilts lived there until 1930, when the property was opened to the public. Presently, it is the state's top tourist attraction and home to a vineyard and winery that produces close to a million bottles a year.

  • Campania Historical Ties Motivate Villa Raiano

    Irpinia Terroir

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Nov 01st, 2018

    The Basso family from Avellino in Campania is motivated by the area of the world that they live in. The terroir and history of Campania, with its seaside of the Amalfi Coast, its pizza from Naples and the buffalo milk that is responsible for mozzarella di bufala has historical significance. Villa Raiano believes in the past and is now growing in the future with young family members taking over the daily grind at the vineyard.

  • Affordable Bila-Haut Languedoc Wines

    Michael Chapoutier Estate

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Dec 19th, 2018

    The 2017 vintage from Bila-Haut is a very good value. Maybe its the Euro exchange rate,but, these two wines, especially the white are people and party friendly. Michael Chapoutier has a knack for growing the right grapes at the perfect slope. These wines illustrate his mastery.

  • Wairau River in New Zealand

    Top Family Estate Winery

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 07th, 2019

    Phil and Chris Rose and their five siblings and extended family run and manage this rare family estate in the Marlborough region of the South Island of New Zealand. Besides bottling amazing wines, the winery is hailed as a mecca for local foods, all served in their Cellar Door restaurant. The food was so exquisite that a recipe is included in this article.

  • Drinking Wine From A Pringles Canister

    Does It Add To Complexity

    By: Philip S.Kampe - Jan 21st, 2019

    I was intrigued when I read the story about a Texas woman who was riding an electric shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot at six in the morning. Not only was she riding the electric cart, she was drinking wine from a Pringles potato chip canister. That intrigued me and I had to try it out.

  • Piper-Heidsieck Flows at Oscar Nominations

    Lots Of Milestones

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Jan 22nd, 2019

    Each year, Piper-Heidsieck, the official Champagne of the Oscars, throws a party to celebrate the nominations. Attending the party is lots of fun. The highlight is always the Champagne.

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