The Elevator Not Taken

A Contrarian Poem

By: - Jan 08, 2015


The Poem

I think that I shall never see an elevator lovely as a tree.
Hmm. Not a good start, is it?
Elevator intercourse began in nineteen sixty three.
Better. Sex is good, but wait, was it in 61 or 63?
Sing to me, Musak, in that endlessly wandering elevator.
Kind of promising, but a wandering elevator?
Elevator, elevator, burning bright in the something of the night.
Section 8 housing?
The elevator not taken.
Fartman was there?
Poets in their youth ride to the top floor then something happens to the elevator.
Great elevators of fire?
Suddenly I heard a knocking as the elevator was gently rocking, rocking to a lower floor.
C’mon elevator, you drive me crazy.
On the shores of Lake Onota stood a teepee and a grain elevator.
My heart leaps up when the elevator drops.
That’s not bad.
Taking the elevator to a peak in Darien.
Darien CT? Really?
I am his Highness’ elevator at Kew.
Elevator in a garden? Not likely.
Out, out! You’re not allowed on this elevator.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to put Spot on a leash.
When I consider how my elevator days are spent.
Mostly up and down?
And that is why our cousin May fell down the elevator shaft today.
The news is out, all over the elevator.
I can’t get no elevator.
Double negative.
Rising elevator, you do not know how longingly I wait for you.
Nice, but I’m not the Bard of Brooklyn, am I?
Earth, isn’t this what you want, to take the elevator within us?
Too deep and far out, I’m afraid.
But it is our fate to get on the elevator dropping from floor to floor, down through the shaft into eternity.
Sounds OK, but what’s it mean?
To go up or to go down, that is the question.
Elevator, elevator, where art thou?
Stuck between floors?
There is something that doesn’t like an elevator.
The people on the 9nd floor love it.
When I do count the floors the elevator stops at.
Very annoying when trying to get to the top floor in a hurry.
Oft in the night he counted them up, the elevators.
Was one ever missing?
Elevators are boring. Charles does not say so.
Get in, only shut up.
That’s not it, not it at all.
Elevators and poetry,
Forget about it.