• To Ur is Inhuman

    ISIS Atrocities to Civilization

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 27th, 2015

    Nations are custodians of civilization. Few more so than in the ancient lands of the People of the Book. How brutal and ignorant, what blasphemy to smash the artifacts of the human condition. Through its atrocities ISIS insults the religion it evokes with irrationality and atrocities.

  • Bouillabaisse

    Soup by the Sea

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 26th, 2015

    That first summer in Europe, the 1950s, we went as a family. The only time we traveled together. Exploring the Riviera we dined in the charming village of Villefranche-sur-Mer with scorching results.

  • Noblesse

    Burdens of Birth

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 25th, 2015

    To the manor born is not always what it seems. When riding to the hounds isn't quite enough.

  • Jingle Bells

    Ripping Off Kids

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 24th, 2015

    It was such fun to perform in the annual Christmas Pageant. Then a mean woman ruined everything.

  • The Farmer's Wife

    |The Field of Green Bears Its Final Yield

    By: Robert Rendo - Feb 21st, 2015

    In the dead of winter exploring the Berkshires inspired Robert Rendo.

  • Metamorphosis ~ Metamorphose

    Poetic Words in English and German

    By: Astrid Hiemer - Feb 21st, 2015

    A short poem formed itself in my mind just a few days ago as I was opening my eyes. I had seen the mirage or 'Fatamorgana' a few times already, experiencing a grey and moving image, before the real and colorful photograph on the opposite wall in our bedroom took shape. I dismissed the earlier experiences and this time, the words were practically there! - Then, I translated it into German.

  • Jihad

    God is Great

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 20th, 2015

    The beheadings by the Islamic Terrorists ISIS are described as medieval or even Stone Age. You needn't look further back than the Reign of Terror of the 1790s during the French Revolution.

  • Tats

    Bawdy Art

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 20th, 2015

    In the checkout line the guy in front of me admired her new tat. Saving up for twenty more.

  • Daily Scam

    Relentless Calls

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 19th, 2015

    Unsolicited phone call and sales pitch." How bout those Red Sox" in thick accent. Where are you calling from I asked? Bangala Desh.

  • Tulips

    Tiny Tim Was The Real Deal

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 17th, 2015

    With the high pitched falsetto of a deranged hippie castrato Tiny Tom regaled me with enthusiasm for vintage records of his favorite tunes. My date cracking up almost blew my cover while his TV bride, Miss Vicki looked on bored out of her mind.

  • Faux


    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 16th, 2015

    Close but no cigar.

  • Valentine's Day

    Ersatz School Holiday

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 12th, 2015

    College kids take every occasion to party. Even celebrating holidays not on the official school calendar.

  • Rejuvena

    Supercharging Seniors

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 12th, 2015

    Back in the day it was Geritol. Now there's a new wonder drug for seniors. Try Rejuvena and drink from the fountain of youth.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

    What's in a Maiden

    By: Robert Rendo - Feb 12th, 2015

    The enigmatic Girl in a Pearl Earring by Vermeer reached through centuries to haunt and inspire the poet Robert Rendo.

  • The Elevator Poems

    Contest Winners Announced

    By: Mark Miller - Feb 10th, 2015

    Professor Mark Miller of the English Department of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts took on the daunting task of judging the Elevator Poems Contest. The idea initiated with a challenge from Jonas Dovydenas, eventually a participant, that it was simply not possible to write a poem about an elevator. From December 16 through January 26 some 32 poems were posted by 25 poets. From this broad spectrum of richly varied approaches Miller derived three finalists. An awards ceremony is being organized for the spring with prizes including original elevator themed photographs by Dovydenas.

  • Woody

    What Goes Up Must Come Down

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 09th, 2015

    When romance calls be ready. What happens when there's too much of a good thing.

  • Noah Snowah

    Endless Wintah

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 09th, 2015

    A wintah of Biblical proportions. When it shows for forty days and forty nights.

  • Nobirds

    Reasons for Four Seasons

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 08th, 2015

    Strawberries and fresh cut roses in the dead of winter. How different from the canned peas of my youth. For snowbirds fleeing the ice and snow there is no real winter. Most of us hunker down and stay put.

  • Rubensesque

    Why Bigger is Better

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 06th, 2015

    Let's face it guys love full figured women. Act now and put some meat on your bones. Find out why great artists like Rubens didn't paint skinny nudes.

  • February

    Dead of Winter

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 01st, 2015

    Dark by dinner time. Short days with long nights. Hunkered down getting projects done. Slipping and sliding about.

  • Beckett Busted

    Brief Encounter

    By: Charles Giuliano - Feb 01st, 2015

    The stoic face of silent film star Buster Keaton, then retired in Florida, remained unmoved when Samuel Beckett came calling.

  • American Sniper

    Etymology of Killing from Afar

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 30th, 2015

    What's in a word? Sniper such a loaded term. Depending which side you are on. Kill or be killed. But from a distance. Not a fair fight. As if there are rules for war. Uncanny definition for such controversy. Naming is knowing.

  • Museums Bet on Super Bowl XLIX

    Seattle Art Museum vs. Clark Art Institute

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 29th, 2015

    Against all odds two major museums are placing high stakes bets on the outcome of the pending Super Bowl XLIX. Reflecting the Seahawks vs. The Patriots it seems that the Seattle Art Museum and Clark Art Institute are wagering on the outcome. The winner of the West Coast or New England team will win an all expenses included, three month loan of a major work of art. If the Patriots win "Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast" from 1870 by Albert Bierstadt will be shipped to the Clark. Should Seattle win Winslow Homer’s masterpiece, "West Point, Prout's Neck" will be headed West. It's a win win for both football fans and art lovers.

  • The Complete Elevator Poems

    First Annual Berkshire Fine Arts Poetry Contest

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 27th, 2015

    My feisty pal Jonas Dovydenas in an exchange of emails declared a fatwa against writing poems about elevators. That launched a tsunami of literary invention,. Even Jonas relented and joined in the fun. From December 16 through January 26 some 32 poems were posted by 25 poets. Now we ask you the readers to vote for the winners of this lively contest. This will result in a Readers Prize. The contest will also be juried for an Official Prize by Professor Mark Miller and his students at MCLA. Let the games begin.

  • Snow Day

    Alleged Historic Blizzard a Bust

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 27th, 2015

    New York, Boston and other cities were shut down with snow emergencies declared by high alert governors and mayors. Anticipations of a record breaking blizzard were downgraded to a moderate to light dusting. It was a good day to hunker down and catch up on projects and home work. No big deal.

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