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Jaeschkes Apple Orchard

Famous Florida Mountain Turnip

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/23/2014
Famous Florida Mountain TurnipAt the base of Mt. Greylock in Adams is Jaeschkes Apple Orchard. Just a short distance from us I drove over for their famous Florida Mountain Turnip. It's a huge job to hack them up. But real sweet and special. Now and then they sell them cubed. But you have to ask, no insist. It's a festive dish I am bringing to Thanksgiving dinner this week.

Trip Diary

On the Road with Stuart Davis

By: Stuart Davis - 11/23/2014
On the Road with Stuart DavisBecause of the terse, tight, short sentence poems of Charles Giuliano friends suggest sources. There are parralels to the Word Poets according to Robert and another mentor advises reading William Carlos Williams. Pat Hills sent along diary entries by the artist Stuart Davis (December 7, 1892 – June 24, 1964). Yes. Good get.


The Rarest French Wine

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/22/2014
The Rarest French WineA Berkshires Christmas Eve on Mt. Shango. Experiencing two rare bottles of 1940s French wine.

Moosh Magique

Berkshire Tripping

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/22/2014
Berkshire TrippingThrough the bitter cold Berkshire night the spirit of Moosh Magique danced in the hearth. La vida loca.

Poem for My Birthday


By: Jane Hudson - 11/21/2014
LevitationDays separate the births of Jane Hudson and Charles Giuliano. For many years they celebrated when she roasted a duck.

Irish Sport Pages

Here Today Gonzo Tomorrow

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/20/2014
Here Today Gonzo TomorrowA blip on the radar screen of infinty. Then what?


1940s When the Boys Came Home

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/20/2014
1940s When the Boys Came HomeRecalling childhood Thanksgiving with Flynn grandparents. Rambling old house where he was waked in the living room. Long since razed for generic apartjment building. When holidays were a time for warmth and wonder with family.

Coney Island

Riding the Ambulance

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/16/2014
Riding the AmbulanceAn intern on call round the clock Mom took naps in her uniform. When the bell rang there were minutes to hop in the ambulance. At Coney Island Hospital she saw it all from drowning victims to mob hits.

Sicilian Doctor

An Offer He Refused

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/16/2014
An Offer He RefusedAs a young Sicilian doctor in Brooklyn he might have become a made man. Late at night he refused.

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