The Roads of North America: Part Two
The Roads of North America: Part Two
By: Astrid Hiemer
Pork with Sauerkraut, Beer and Tarragon
By: Charles Giuliano
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The Metaphor

A Tall Krater

By: Jane Hudson - 09/29/2014
A Tall KraterDon't take this literally.


Cave Drawing to Burger King

By: Jane Hudson - 09/29/2014
Cave Drawing to Burger KingFrom ancient bison and cave drawings to sacred cow. The craving for meat sustains through millenia. Defining us as carnivores.


Refusing to Wear Pearls or Pink

By: Jane Hudson - 09/29/2014
Refusing to Wear Pearls or PinkMirror mirror on the wall. Reflecting on age and not giving in.

Dancing Shoes

Well Heeled Uncle Bill

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/29/2014
Well Heeled Uncle BillMy elegant Uncle Bill was a professor of Romance literature at Queens College. With Astrid we met each year for a holiday dinner. Estere talked about having his shoes resoled with rubber. But not these he told her.


New York Street Music

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/29/2014
New York Street MusicBorn Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916 – September 8, 1999) Moondog was blinded playing with a dynamite cap as a child.. The musician/ poet hung out for spare change not far from my gallery. We collaborated on a sold out gig. It kickstarted his recording career.

Joe Cocker

Getting High With Some Friends

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/29/2014
Getting High With Some FriendsI grew up with Tim Crouse during summers in Annisquam. We shared an encounter in the men's room with British rocker Joe Cocker.

Captain Beefheart

Back of the Limo

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/29/2014
Back of the LimoWarner Brothers promo man, Roger Lifeset, invited me to dinner with far out rocker Captain Beefheart and his wife Jan. We watched him crack into a three pound lobster. By the end of the evening he had glommed onto me as his personal Boswell.

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Afternoon Shots and Beers

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/29/2014
Afternoon Shots and BeersFred McDowell (January 12, 1904 – July 3, 1972) known by his stage name; Mississippi. He was loaned to me for the afternoon. With a note pinned to his chest with directions to his next destination.

Godfather of Soul

Hardest Working Man in Show Business

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/23/2014
Hardest Working Man in Show BusinessSaw James Brown lots of times. The Apollo Theatre, Madison Square Garden, a gym in Tampa with Phil Bleeth and Corrina pregnant with Jasmine. Matinee at the Newport Jazz Festival. Boston Garden on looped PBS weekend Martin Luther King was shot. Interview in New York for Blues Brohers press junket. Here we recall a night at Boston's notorius soul club The Sugar Shack.

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