Birches and Baobab Trees
Birches and Baobab Trees
By: Astrid Hiemer
Mill on the Floss a Berkshire Landmark
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The Rise and Fall of WBCN

Carter Alan’s Book on Radio Free Boston

By: Charles Giuliano - 06/17/2014
Carter Alan’s Book on Radio Free BostonBetween 1968 and its demise in 2009 Boston's rock station WBCN was the epicenter of an alternative lifestyle. Its DJ's interviewed and broadcast live concerts and studio sessions with virtually every major band of the era. It was a strong advocate of local band breaking many including J Geils, The Cars, Aerosmith, Boston and British stars from Bowie and The Who to Ireland's U2. Carter Alan's superbly researched book covers it all from A to Z.

36 Righteous

A Serial Killer's Hit List

By: Ien Nivens - 03/29/2014
A Serial Killer's Hit ListIn a haters-gonna-hate world shared by the likes of Fred Phelps and a host of jihadist suicide bombers, we are obliged to grant credence to the central motif of a thriller pitting radical fundamentalist beliefs—one Jewish, the other Christian—against one another.

Venus of Willendorf

Poem Inspired by Vienna Viewing

By: Astrid Hiemer - 09/23/2013
Poem Inspired by Vienna ViewingWhile in Vienna Astrid Hiemer viewed the Venus of Willendorf. It inspired the poem reposted from Maverick Arts Magazine.

100 Boston Artists by Chawky Frenn

New Book Follows 100 Boston Painters

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/16/2013
New Book Follows 100 Boston PaintersThe figurative artist, Chawky Frenn, has followed 100 Boston Painters with 100 Boston Artists. The books are handsomely designed and printed with superb reproductions. Although he consulted with many experts in the field he made the final selections. This has resulted in an eccentric and uneven overview with a mix of major and minor artists. One of the strong points of the second volume is a fresh and insightful critical essay by Debbie Hagan the former editor of Art New England.

Jim Jacobs

On the Fly

By: Charles Giuliano - 06/13/2013
On the FlyWhen I worked as an intern for the Egyptian Department of the MFA next door Jim Jacobs was a student of classics curator Cornelius Vermule. We have been friends ever since although I rarely get to see him. Last night he flew in for a visit but vanished by dawn.


A 500 Word Mystery

By: Gerald Elias - 05/09/2013
A 500 Word MysteryThe premise for the story is intriguing: a 500-word mystery that required the following elements: a jug of bootleg moonshine, a stuffed swordfish, a 1959 Soviet armored limousine, and a dead gypsy! Gerald Elias, who resides in Utah and West Stockbridge, is author of the award-winning Daniel Jacobus mystery series (St. Martin’s Press).

MASS MoCA's Book Club April 3

Features Artists Johnny Carrera and Tom Phillips

By: MoCA - 03/19/2013
Features Artists Johnny Carrera and Tom PhillipsThe second installment of MASS MoCA's Book Club will feature artists Johnny Carrera and Tom Phillips. It will be held on April 3rd at 6pm in the Life's Work exhibition. Unlike traditional book clubs, this program makes connections between museum exhibitions and the written word.

Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

Schedule of Events March 1 through 7

By: Ariel Petrova - 02/19/2013
Schedule of Events March 1 through 7Major funding for the Festival of Women Writers is provided by the John A. Sellon Charitable Trust, the Massachusetts Council on the Humanities, Bard College at Simon's Rock, and local Cultural Councils of the Massachusetts Council on the Arts, along with many organizations, individuals and businesses.

Abolitionists' Words Framed Our History

American Antislavery Writings Edited By Jim Basker

By: George Abbott White - 01/30/2013
American Antislavery Writings Edited By Jim Basker Part of the Library of America series, American Antislavery Writings edited by Jim Basker, speak the eloquent words of the Abolitionists that still echo today 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. It was a time of division, a time of turmoil but a moment of articulate condemnation of the sins of slavery. This very human American story is a major part of our nation's heritage.

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