Saratoga: A Day At The Races
Saratoga: A Day At The Races
By: Astrid Hiemer
Mad Jack's Barbecue in Pittsfield
By: Pit Bulls
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Damage Contol for a Rare Bowl

By: Jane Hudson - 09/20/2014
Damage Contol for a Rare BowlWith her husband Jeff, when not making art and writing poetry, Jane is a partner in Hudson's Antiques at Mass MoCA. Here she considers the nature of condition and value.


A Poet and Her Muse

By: Jane Hudson - 09/20/2014
A Poet and Her MuseDecades later Jane Hudson, artist and musician, returns to her first love poetry. Here she evokes what inspires her.


Studio Visit

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/20/2014
Studio VisitLee Kransner was anxious to promote the career of her husband Jackson Pollock. She invited Hans Hofmann the renowned German artist, teacher and mentor to a generation of Post War artists to visit the studio

Anita O'Day

Errand Boy for Jazz Singer

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/19/2014
Errand Boy for Jazz SingerDuring her week at Sandy's, from airport to airport, Anita O'Day owned me. Recalling running errands for one of the great jazz singers of her generation. What a dame.

Mulligan Stew

Tirade in an Elevator

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/19/2014
Tirade in an ElevatorThere is nothing more soulful and sensual than the rich baritone of Gerry Mulligan. A routine interview proved to be anything but as he was pissed about everything.

Bitches Brew

Miles Combed His Hair

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/19/2014
Miles Combed His HairWhen Bitches Brew was released it changed the jazz world. I spent months researching a series of Sunday features on Miles Davis from Charlie Parker to this landmark double LP. Through Columbia Records PR guy Sal Ingeme,, a friend of Miles, I got to speak to him after the gig at Lennie's on the Turnpike. That night I learned a lot about Miles as well as the art of the interview. Come prepared but willing to improvise. After the first question all that research went out the window.


First Visit to City of Angels

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/19/2014
First Visit to City of AngelsOne of the first American critics to interview Elton John he invited me to LA for a party. There was a VIP on my plane and another one in the airport.

Native Dancer

In the Zone

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/19/2014
In the ZoneThree dudes enjoy an afternoon in the Combat Zone. Barry was dressed for success.


From The Merit of Light

By: Stephen Rifkin - 09/19/2014
From The Merit of LightGhost from the collection The Merit of Light. Written in Provence.

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