The Roads of North America: Part Two
The Roads of North America: Part Two
By: Astrid Hiemer
Pork with Sauerkraut, Beer and Tarragon
By: Charles Giuliano
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Stranger Than

I Like to Watch

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/24/2014
I Like to WatchI love TV. Friends brag about not owning one. They read.


Rejecting a Gift

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/24/2014
Rejecting a GiftWe never quite turn out as planned. A turning point came in a shocking encounter with the conceptual, collage and film artist Bruce Conner.


Cause for Ambivalent Celebration

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/22/2014
Cause for Ambivalent CelebrationTurning 74 in a couple of days is kindah a non celebration. Just short of 75 which is a biggie. Astrid bought me a bell and candle. Missing the book. Maybe next year.


Lost at Sea

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/19/2014
Lost at SeaMarsden Hartley was among the most original and tragic of America's modernists. Today he is regarded as one of the finest artists of his generation. His life was one of constant struggle and adversity.

Wright Stuff

Truman Blocked the View

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/17/2014
Truman Blocked the ViewWith several thousand dollars earned from designing Fallingwater between 1937 and 1959 Frank Lloyd Wright designed Taliesin West which was constructed by students and fellows. It was sited toward a magnificent view of Arizona mountains. Returning from Wisconsin for the winter season he was pissed to find power lines marring the horizon. He called the President.


To Hell and Back

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/09/2014
To Hell and BackWhat's vivid to some is vague for others. Shared experiences iterated later as confused memories. Different responses to the fog of war.

Cottage Industry

Anniversary Week on the Cape

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/09/2014
Anniversary Week on the CapeCelebrating twenty years with a week on the Cape. Exploring marshes steps from our Sandwich cottage. Barnstable for whale watch. Glass museum. Reading and writing. Glorious September weather.


Mouth Full of Horns

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/08/2014
Mouth Full of HornsRoland Rahsaan Kirk could blow chords with three horns jammed into his mouth. I got blasted during dinner with Kirk and the band.


The Eyes Have It

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/08/2014
The Eyes Have ItBack in the day the artist was present when briefly I viewed his show then thoroughly trashed it. Based on the brevity of observation he stated that I didn't adequately view the work. Challenged I described the works in detail. Still can decades later.

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