• Grade Inflation

    B- the Old C+

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 20th, 2015

    Imagine driving over a bridge or visiting the emergency room in the hands of an engineer or doctor who was a C+ student. Kids now party and float through college. Not that we were different. But we read the books.

  • Illinois Jacquet

    Sweet Nights at Lulu White's

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 29th, 2015

    Born Jean Baptiste Jacquet then dubbed Illinois he became famous for a solo on Flying Home with the Lionel Hampton Band. He was just a teenager at the time. He went on to be one of the great stars of the big band and bop era.

  • Hell's Angels

    While Bikers Dream

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 29th, 2015

    When sleeping even Hell's Angels appear innocent and benign.

  • 33rd Annual Re-Rooters Day Ceremony

    Created by Provincetown Artist Jay Critchley

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 30th, 2015

    The brilliant conceptual art of Provincetown's Jay Critchley focuses on ecology, healing and recycling. An exquisite example of his social sculpture is the upcoming 33rd Annual Re-Rooters Day Ceremony. As always it will be performed on the beach with a tree Valhalla on January 7. There will be traditional incantations, chanting, blessings and libations. A thermos of hot chocolate is strongly recommended.

  • Chicken Little

    When the Sky Really Is Falling

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 31st, 2015

    Given the current rate of environmental disasters, a litmus of worse to come, how long do you give for life on earth?

  • Watson and the Shark

    Reconfiguring Copley's Masterpiece

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 01st, 2016

    Just before the Revolution the Boston artist, John Singleton Copley, sailed to London never to return. Soon after he arrived he was commissioned by Sir Brook Watson to depict his attack by a shark when he was a lad of fourteen. The painting caused a sensation when it was shown at the Royal Academy. The artist made an exact copy of his most famous and successful painting as well as a smaller version. Here the event is relocated to Boston Harbor.

  • Kid Talk

    Don't Ask

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 02nd, 2016

    At a dinner party a woman seated next to President Calvin Coolidge struck up a conversation. "Mr. President" she said "I have a bet with my friends that I can make you say more than three words." Turning to her Coolidge responded "Madam, you lose."

  • Kinky Boots

    Rough Trade on Mean Streets

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 04th, 2016

    The rough trade of tranny street workers has made its way to Broadway with the musical Kinky Boots. It's entertainment for tourists. Or fodder for a fringe indy film like Tangerine. Here we take a walk on the wild side.

  • Talking Heads

    Dishing the Dirt

    Talking Heads
    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 04th, 2016

    Life at court. Affairs and diversions at the famous salon of Madam de Pompadour. Talking heads tumbled into baskets beneath the guillotine. Revenge for idle chatter while peasants starved. One might say just like today.

  • Muddy Waters

    Mississippi Goddam

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 27th, 2015

    Muddy picked it up from Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues, and Son House who we saw once dazed and confused at Newport. Muddy came out, joined in, and gently walked him off. That was like him and what we most remember. The Mojo Man had heart and soul.

  • Solstice

    Calm on Sandy Bay

    By: Melissa de Haan Cummings - Dec 26th, 2015

    Low winter light on Sandy Bay.

  • Madam Bricktop

    Miss Otis regrets she's unable to lunch today, Madam.

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 20th, 2015

    Ancient and elegant, tall and slender Madam Bricktop, hostess of the Lost Generation, slowly and with measured grace sang Miss Otis Regrets. Cloe Porter wrote it for her. Then in her 80's it was a memorable night at Lulu White's in Boston's South End.

  • Winter's Tale

    Ancient Secrets

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 20th, 2015

    Secrets dancing in the flames through the dead of winter.

  • Julia Child

    America's Original Top Chef

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 20th, 2015

    Julia Child was a neighbor in Cambridge. Her butcher, Jack Savenor, was my landlord. During the 1960s her PBS show, The French Chef, introduced Americans to fine dining. At six feet she towered over gourmet kitchens.

  • Visiting Santa

    No Snow in the Berkshires

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 22nd, 2015

    It's a few days before Christmas in the Berkshires. In all of December not a flake of snow. Predicted to hit 70 on Christmas day. Yikes, Global Warming is really mucked up. How will Santa land his sled? Kids are getting worried. On behalf of children of all ages I visited Santa for a reassuring chin wag.

  • Berkshire Christmas

    Tanglewood Shed Shuttered Until Summer

    By: Bruce Garlow - Dec 24th, 2015

    Hey Charles- I like that! With my white beard and ample belly, I could join the club with you and Santa. Below is one of a long line of my holiday poems, first written in 2005 and updated this year. Merry Christmas!

  • Dad Cooked

    In the Kitchen on Christmas Eve

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 24th, 2015

    During the Holidays Dad gave the gift of food. His spicy Sicilians dishes were not always appreciated by our Irish cousins the Sullivans.

  • Peter Wolf

    Blues in Harvard Square

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 25th, 2015

    Harvard Square's rock legend, Peter Wolf, started with The Hallucinations while moonlighting as WBCN's first rock DJ. He quit to join the J Geils Band which cut a bunch of sides and some classic hits. That was long ago when rock was young.

  • Day After Christmas

    Return to Normalcy

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 26th, 2015

    If only the peace, joy and fellowship of Christmas could last all year. A day after feasting and celebration the world returns to business as usual. Now is the winter of our discontent.

  • Rocky Captivity

    Michelangelo in Maine

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 05th, 2016

    Pope Julius II, a Della Rovere, commissioned Michelangelo to create a massive tomb. In various states of finish he worked on the Slaves for its base. The project was abandoned and downsized when a Medici, Leo X, dispatched him to Florence to work on the Lorenzo and Giuliano tombs. Imagine our shock and surprise when we found his Slaves bound by giant boulders in Maine.

  • Shanghai Dawn

    First View of China

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 07th, 2016

    After a grueling day of travel from Boston we arrived exhausted in China. It had been a rough night but we were in for a surprise at first light.

  • Limoncello

    Taste of Sorrento

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 07th, 2016

    With shaded groves they grow gigantic lemons in Sorrento.

  • The Power Plant

    Reflecting on a Summer Day

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 18th, 2016

    Recalling wonderful drives through Canada. Memories of visiting The Power Plant in Toronto.,

  • Reefer Madness

    Taking the Cure

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 18th, 2016

    Conked on the noggin too many times. Chronic headaches, nausea, vertigo. Showed me his green card for medical marijuana.

  • Art and Politics

    Cusp of Primaries

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 19th, 2016

    Visiting Germany during an election year. Photographed billboards of candidates. Not that different from USA on the cusp of Iowa and New Hampshire.

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