• A 'Rare' Wine Tasting

    Vintage Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

    By: Philip Kampe - Nov 24th, 2014

    a 20 year Anniversary tasting honoring Chef de Caves, Regis Camus

  • The Other Sangiovese

    Morellino di Scansano Is Also fromTuscany

    By: Philip Kampe - Nov 17th, 2014

    If you like the Sangiovese grape, think Chianti, then you will Love Morellino di Scansano

  • Tony’s Sombrero: Mexican Restaurant

    Ersatz Burrito in Williamstown

    By: Cisco - Nov 10th, 2014

    A quick burrito at Tony's Sombrero before a movie in Williamstown seemed like a great idea. Wrong. What an utter disaster. Particularly returning from several weeks of authentic Mexican food in the Southwest.

  • Barollo Wines

    Exploring the Dimensions

    By: Philip Kampe - Nov 03rd, 2014

    Barollo, a new style of Italian wines is coming to America. According to Marco Barollo, ‘Wine is an alchemic formula. A magic masterpiece that changes the wine, and it is never the same from one year to another. For this reason, every year we find ourselves forced to make brave decisions and invest carefully and only choose those techniques that are proven to help us to give our wine its originality and character’.

  • Old Country Buffet in Pittsfield

    Quality Comfort and Price

    By: Pit Bulls - Oct 07th, 2014

    For an ample, fresh, cheap meal Country Buffet in the Pittsfield Mall is an enticing option. The Pit Bulls differed in their responses. In general you get what you pay for.

  • Spirited Wines of Lenox

    Education Enhances the Experience

    By: Philip Kampe - Oct 06th, 2014

    In the Berkshires my Saturday wine destination is Spirited in Lenox. Also check out Kelly's Package Store in Dalton and Nejaime's in both Lenox and Stockbridge. They will help you know more about wine through tastings.

  • Canti Prosecco and Gianni Martini

    Italian Style Is a Mouthful

    By: Philip Kampe - Oct 05th, 2014

    Elegant style, trendy packaging is what Gianni Martini and Canti Prosecco is about. We had the good fortune to dine with Gianni Martini, President of Frotelli Martini Secondo Luigi S.p.A. (that’s a mouthful) at the trendy and chic Robert DiNero owned Tribeca restaurant, Locanda Verde.

  • KALFU Wines

    From the Coast of Chile

    By: Philip Kampe - Sep 29th, 2014

    Winemaker Alejandro Galaz produces wines from Chile's coastline

  • Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival

    September 6th & 7th

    By: Philip Kampe - Sep 06th, 2014

    Wine, food and fun this weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. This is the 13th year of the event, which features wines from New York state. At last count, over fifty vineyards will be represented at the festival. The events main focus is to highlight the wonderful wineries that are found in the Hudson Valley and all over New York state.

  • Bottoms Up at Tanglewood

    Beer Tasting and Concert on August 15

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 13th, 2014

    On August 15 conductor Stephane Deneve will lead a Beethoven and Prokofiev program featuring pianist and soloist Emanual Ax, followed by mezzo-soprano Elena Manistina. Starting at 5:30, prior to the concert, there will be a tasting of regional microbreweries and snacks.

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