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Fresh Gulf Shrimp and Cobia

Home Cooking on Florida’s Panhandle

By: Charles Giuliano - 04/17/2014
Home Cooking on Florida’s PanhandleAlong the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle in the clear Gulf water the seafood is just awesome. In the galley kitchen of our condo we cooked up a storm with fresh jumbo shrimp in white wine sauce and the local delicacy cobia which was in season. Here are quick and easy delicious recipes.

Alice’s Restaurant Returns to the Berkshires

Dream Away Lodge Honors Women Chefs

By: Charles Giuliano - 03/27/2014
Dream Away Lodge Honors Women ChefsThe rambling song “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie is an icon of the 1960s. It spawned the film by Arthur Penn as well as “The Alice’s Restaurant Cookbook” which has gone through four printings. For the past 36 years Alice Brock has lived in Provincetown. She returns to Dream Away Lodge May 17 and 18 with evenings of her recipes prepared by Chef Amy Loveless. It is the second in a series created by Loveless to honor renowned women chefs of the Berkshires.

Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room

Family Style Lunch in Savannah, Georgia

By: C and A - 03/26/2014
Family Style Lunch in Savannah, GeorgiaWhen in Savannah Georgia you simply must have lunch at Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room. During a campaign swing through town President Obama sampled the famous fried chicken and Southern hospitality.

The Lantern Bar & Grill

Pittsfield Burger Joint

By: Pit Bulls - 03/12/2014
Pittsfield Burger JointA hole in the wall and favorite among locals is The Lantern Bar & Grill at 455 North Street along the main drag of downtown Pittsfield, Mass. The owner chef Mike Papas is a jazz fan signified by the photos on the long narrow space with a single row of tables. The Lantern touts the best burger in the Berkshires. The Pit Bulls dropped by for lunch.

Contrarian Osso Bucco

Improvising on a Peasant Recipe

By: Charles Giuliano - 02/06/2014
Improvising on a Peasant RecipeIn upscale Italian restaurants when possible I always order Osso Bucco. Having read and absorbed some classic recipes on line, to the horror of my gourmet friends, I winged it and improvised. The resultant sauce was just awesome. But even at the suggested two hours the meat could have been more tender with longer cooking.

Café of St. Martin-in-the-Field

Cheap Fun Atmospheric London Dining

By: C & A - 01/27/2014
Cheap Fun Atmospheric London DiningThe top London destination for cheap hearty food with great atmosphere is found in Trafalgar Square. The Cafe in the Crypt below St. Martin-in-the-Fields is no secret. It is always noisy and crowded. Despite the inconvenience it's the best deal around in a very expensive city.

Firehouse Café Opens in Adams

Hottest New Restaurant in the Berkshires

By: C & A - 01/26/2014
Hottest New Restaurant in the BerkshiresWith a mid January launch the Firehouse Cafe is off to a hot start in sizzling downtown Adams, Mass. Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire for the new restaurant that combines great service, fine dining, and tasty food at an affordable price. It's the spark that's igniting long dormant Park Street.

Dublin Pubs

Irish Comfort Food

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/24/2013
Irish Comfort FoodThey say that a seven course gourmet Irish meal consists of a six pack and baked potato. Imagine then our surprise to discover traditional Irish food in cozy Dublin pubs. Washed down, of course, with a fresh pint of Guinness.

Sullivan Station in Lee

Lunch in Historic Landmark

By: C & A - 10/19/2013
Lunch in Historic LandmarkFor an atmospheric lunch or dinner consider Sullivan Station in Lee the gateway to the Berkshires. Enjoy the intact interior of the 1893 building with lots of vibtage memorabelia.

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