Saratoga: A Day At The Races
Saratoga: A Day At The Races
By: Astrid Hiemer
Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons
By: C & A
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Bad Jews Provocative at SpeakEasy Stage

Brilliant Layered Drama About Family, Faith and History

By: Mark Favermann - 10/27/2014
Brilliant Layered Drama About Family, Faith and HistoryDon't let the title put you off. This is not a negative play. The narrative concerns the war between two cousins over a coveted family heirloom, It is a biting comedy/drama about religion and culture. At odds are the annoyingly self-righteous Daphna, a young woman who wears her Jewishness like a badge of honor, and her equally self-centered first cousin Liam, an entitled graduate student who enjoys distancing himself from his cultural traditions. Thrown into the mix is Liam's younger brother Jonah and Liam's white bread girlfriend Melody. When the combatants are forced to spend the night in a studio apartment, all hell breaks loose resulting in a viciously funny brawl over family, faith, and legacy.

St. Germain's Freud's Last Session

At North Coast Rep Theatre in California

By: Jack Lyons - 10/25/2014
At North Coast Rep Theatre in CaliforniaSince its premiere at Barrington Stage in the Berkshires Freud's Last Session by Mark St. Germain has been produced all over the world. He was recently in Oslo for a production of his enormously popular play. Jack Lyons reviews a California production at North Coast Rep Theatre through November 9.

Biblical Themed Play by Scott Carter

Geffen Playhouse Through November 23

By: Jack Lyons - 10/25/2014
Geffen Playhouse Through November 23In the Geffen Playhouse’s current production “The Gospel According to Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, and Count Leo Tolstoy: Discord”, written by Scott Carter and directed by Matt August, three of history’s great thinker/writers come together in a blisteringly funny battle of wits to explain their divergently held opinions.

Ether Dome: Medical Miracle At Huntington

Surgical Anesthetic Discovery As Gripping Narrative History

By: Mark Favermann - 10/23/2014
Surgical Anesthetic Discovery As Gripping Narrative HistoryThis clever production tells the story of the search for a new treatment promising to end pain as it pits a doctor and his student in an epic battle between altruism and ambition, ego and empathy. Based on the true story of the discovery of ether as an anesthetic in 1846, it is set in Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. This new play explores the horror of pain, the sweetness of relief, and the very modern notion of the hysteria that erupts when healthcare becomes big business.

Dear Elizabeth Speaks Volumes at Lyric Stage

A Play in Letters Between Elizabeth Bishop & Robert Lowell

By: Mark Favermann - 10/20/2014
A Play in Letters Between Elizabeth Bishop & Robert Lowell Told through an extensive and compelling correspondence between two of 20th century’s most important and celebrated American poets, Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, this play on and with words is a different kind of love. It is a story of the spirit and imagination between artists and friends. This thirty-year friendship served to buoy each other up in life and art. Their often messy, addictive and sometimes unhealthy lives were profoundly impacted by the other. This is a lyrical, moving portrait of a friendship that eloquently transcends oceans, continents, and time.

When January Feels Like Summer in New York

Ensemble Studio & Women's Porject Theater Join Forces

By: Susan Hall - 10/20/2014
Ensemble Studio & Women's Porject Theater Join ForcesOriginally produced by Ensemble Studio Theatre this terrific play is instantly in revival and deserves any staging it gets. Cori Thomas, the playwright, has taken often stereotyped characters and made them real and full of surprises.

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's Bright Star

World Premiere at San Diego's Old Globe

By: Jack Lyons - 10/17/2014
World Premiere at San Diego's Old GlobeThe immensely multi-talented Steve Martin – actor, playwright, director, musician, producer author – has joined creative forces with Southern songwriter-singer Edie Brickell becoming of one America’s newest and successful musical writing teams in the process. Their Bright Star runs at the Old Globe through November 2.

Glass Menagerie at Pittsburgh Public Theatre

Superb Production of Tennessee Williams Drama

By: Wendy Arons - 10/17/2014
Superb Production of Tennessee Williams Drama The trick to a good production of this play – and the one at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre falls squarely into that category – lies in finding a style for representing memory, one that keeps in view not only the events as remembered by Tom, infused and informed by his guilty conscience over having left his overbearing mother and fragile sister to their own devices, but also the reality of the characters themselves, distinct from his memory somehow, so that we in the audience don’t fall into the trap of only seeing the other characters as Tom remembers them.

Tony Simotes Leaves Shakespeare & Company

Rick Dildine Takes Charge

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/11/2014
Rick Dildine Takes ChargeWhen Tony Simotes took over Shakespeare & Company from founder Tina Packer five years ago it soon was revealed that the company was on the brink of ruin. With negotiations and austerity the company was put on a more secure footing. It is now more stable as leadership passes to Rick Dildine..

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