The Roads of North America, Part Four
The Roads of North America, Part Four
By: Astrid Hiemer
Café of St. Martin-in-the-Field
By: C & A
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Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love

Cowboy Chic in Williamstown

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/25/2014
Cowboy Chic in WilliamstownNow 70 Sam Shepard has created a riveting existential American theatre through a cowboy chic deconstuction of the mythology of the American West. In the manner of Beckett's theatre of the absurd the tense and tight drama of Fool for Love is confined to a motel room. There is a death struggle between Tony winner, the formidable Nina Arainda, and the desperate cowboy played by Sam Rockwell. Since 1970 it is the sixth Shepard production for Williamstown Theatre Festival.

The Golem of Havana

Oi Vey Olé

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/24/2014
Oi Vey OléSet in Cuba during the last gasp of the Batista regime a new musical for Barrington Stage company is a complicated balancing act between Jewish history and mythology and Cuba's Santaria tradition during the Revolution. The Golem of Havana mixes musical mataphors between Eurpoean Klezmer and Cuban Salsa

Berliner Festspiele, Foreign Affairs - 2014

An Attempt to Understand

By: Angelika Jansen - 07/23/2014
An Attempt to UnderstandThe 2014 Berliner Festspiele continued with a July program titled 'Foreign Affairs.' Artistic Director, Matthias von Hartz, presented a third summer festival of theatre, dance, music and visual arts that lasted nearly three weeks and ended July 13. It was a quest for collaborations and finding new forms of cultural expressions.

Breaking the Code at Barrington Stage Company

Enigma of Alan Turing Brilliantly Portrayed by Mark. H. Dold

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/21/2014
Enigma of Alan Turing Brilliantly Portrayed by Mark. H. DoldAs a member of the top secret team of 10,000 at Bletchley Park Alan Turning was key to the effort to Breaking the Code of the German enigma apparatus. With endless daily permutations it was used to send orders to the maurading U Boat fleets decimating allied shipping. In the role of a lifetime Mark H. Dold has totally inhabited the persona of the complex and tormented individual whom Churchill credited with shortening and ending the war. Time Magazine named Turing among the 100 Most Important People of the 20th century. At Barrington Stage until August 2.

Living on Love in Williamstown

Theatre Debut for Diva Renée Fleming

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/20/2014
Theatre Debut for Diva Renée FlemingThe theatrical debut of Renée Fleming in the comedy Living On Love is a delight and triumph. The renowned opera diva plays, what else, a renowned opera diva. That would seem to be easy and obvious but Fleming underplays the role with a naturalism that parallels her real life persona. She is just charming and enchanting. Especially when intereacting with a superb cast directed by Tony winner Kathleen Marshall. Based on marquee bankability and an enthusiastic reception this Williamstown production has a shot of making it to Broadway.

This is Our Youth: Steppenwolf to Broadway

Kenneth Lonergan's Classic Play Coming to the Cort

By: Susan Hall - 07/19/2014
Kenneth Lonergan's Classic Play Coming to the CortIf these are the children of the 80’s and now the parents of the 21st century, what kind of kids are they producing? In the upper echelons of New York, many of these characters are working their way out of adolescence in paretts’ homes or supported by their successful parents. Drugs and alcohol continue to make the passage to adulthood even more complicated than it always has been. If our children have to smell a bit to help us release the offspring we love so much and wish to protect, the stink has not gone. And Broadway should welcome them in this taut, funny, moving Steppenwolf production.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike in Vermont

Finding Comedy in the Overwhelming Futility of Life.

By: Leanne Jewett - 07/19/2014
Finding Comedy in the Overwhelming Futility of Life.A modern comedy mirroring the structure and themes of the master playwright Anton Chekov, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike finds humor in the regrets and disappointments of life as they are confronted during two days in the family home by three siblings in their middle age. This play wll run through July 26 at Vermont's Weston Playhouse.

A Slight Ache by Harold Pinter

Produced by Eve Mugar Off Off Broadway

By: Ariel Petrova - 07/14/2014
Produced by Eve Mugar Off Off Broadway Jimmy's 43 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003 provided an off off setting for Harold Pinter's Slight Ache was produced by Eve Mugar.. Due to its brevity and the limited number of actors in the play, it provided the opportunity to mount a play in New York. She purchased the rights, sent the word out to fellow actors, raised some money on line and rented a venue for two nights

Michael Frayn’s Benefactors

Skyscrapers for 1%ers at Berkshire Theatre Group

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/13/2014
Skyscrapers for 1%ers at Berkshire Theatre GroupThe triumph of the one percent and destruction of the middle class is underscored by the soaring speculation of urban real estate and resultant skyscraper residences. The 1984 play Benefactors by Michael Frayn focused on this topic which is being given a superb production at Berkshire Theatre Group in Stockbridge

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