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Pueblo Potter Maria Martinez
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Pioneers of Television on PBS

Series Returns on April 15

By: Charles Giuliano - 03/30/2014
Series Returns on April 15The PBS series Pioneers of Television returns for its fourth season on April 15. In the premiere episode through interviews and vintage clips we have insights to the complex transition from the demands of standup to those of working with an ensemble of actors. The episode balances hilarious and poignant moments.

Hail Sid Caesar

The King of Comedy during its Golden Age

By: Charles Giuliano - 02/13/2014
The King of Comedy during its Golden AgeDuring the Golden Age of Comedy in the pioneering era of television in the 1950s the undisputed King of Comedy was Sid Caesar. After decades of self abuse he embraced sobriety and clean living. This week he passes away at the hilarious age of 91. We recall his genius and the genre he presided over.

Ireland’s Crime Series Love/ Hate

Four Award Winning Seasons

By: Charles Giuliano - 01/27/2014
Four Award Winning SeasonsThe four award winning seasons of the Irish crime series Love/ Hate is powerful, insightful and compelling. The young hoods are well drawn and complex. The first three seasons are available on Netflix. They invite marathon viewing. Then the cliff hanger while we wait for season four that aired in the fall of 2013.

Streaming The Grand on Netflix

Vintage BBC Series for Downton Abbey Fans

By: Charles Giuliano - 01/02/2014
Vintage BBC Series for Downton Abbey FansShot for a fraction of the budget of Downton Abbey, on a lot of levels the 1997 BBC series, The Grand, more than holds its own. There are mistakes and some curious casting changes but the plot twists and cliff hangers kept us hungry for the next of 18 fascinating episodes.

Chasing Shackelton on PBS

Three Part Series Premieres January 8

By: PBS - 12/31/2013
Three Part Series Premieres January 8Chasing Shackelton, a new three-part series about a modern expedition that follows the path of history’s most extraordinary survival story, will premiere January 8, 2014. The series follows a crew of five intrepid explorers led by renowned adventurer, scientist and author Tim Jarvis as they re-create Shackleton’s epic sea-and-land voyage in a replica of the original explorers’ boat, using only the tools and supplies his team used.

Orange is the New Black by Netflix

Hit Prison Series To Return for Season Two

By: Charles Giuliano - 08/13/2013
Hit Prison Series To Return for Season TwoThree's a charm with Orange Is the New Black the third mini series created by Netflix. All 13 episodes were released on July 11 resulting in an orgy for fanatical viewers. There was a cliff hanger ending followed by the good news that Piper and her inmates will be back next year with season two. Initially we thought of Piper as a good girl who made a bad mistake. Gradually she is revealed as a bad girl who has to make good. Or just survive her 15 month sentence.

Pasta an Enchanting South Korean TV Series

Food and Romance in a Steamy Kitchen

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/27/2013
Food and Romance in a Steamy KitchenThis summer we were utterly captivated by a South Korean romantic comedy Pasta set in the kitchen of an upscale Italian restaurant La Sfera. There were 20 amazingly well crafted and consistently surprising episodes in a series we never wanted to end. We urge you to check it out on Netflix.

So So or So What Mad Men Returns

Mad As Hell Over Launch of Season Six

By: Charles Giuliano - 04/08/2013
Mad As Hell Over Launch of Season SixLast night we watched Masterpiece Theatre and Tivoed the relaunch of Mad Men. Starting at 10 we were able to fast forward through two hours worth of ads. While it was fun to cut to the chase what we saw was mostly a muddle. A double time season opener is designed to set up plot points but there was little of the magic that got us hooked on the award winning series.

Netflix Gambles on House of Cards

$100 Million for So So Original Programming

By: Charles Giuliano - 03/15/2013
$100 Million  for So So Original ProgrammingLast year Netflix initiated original programming with the series Lillyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt as a mobster in witness protection in Norway. It was mildly amusing. Now Netflix has taken a step forward with a remake of the classic BBC mini series House of Cards. The American version stars the always masterful Kevin Spacey who is not enough to bind together a sprawling often absurdly out of control political drama.

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