The Roads of North America, Part Four
The Roads of North America, Part Four
By: Astrid Hiemer
Spice Dragon in Pittsfield
By: C & A
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Colombia: Part Two

Medellin and the Coffee Triangle

By: Zeren Earls - 04/08/2014
Medellin and the Coffee TriangleAfter decades of challenges by the drug cartels, Medellin has reinvented itself as a modern, innovative and lively hub with style. The superbly scenic Coffee Triangle is a region of lush green valleys dotted by picturesque colonial towns and age-old haciendas. Not to be missed is the Cocora Valley with endemic soaring wax palms.

Colombia: Part One


By: Zeren Earls - 04/01/2014
BogotaAfter decades of conflict Colombia is emerging toward a bright future. It is a beautiful country with spectacular landscapes, ranging from Andean peaks to rolling hills and sandy beaches. Bogota, its capital, is a sophisticated, multi-ethnic city with distinct colonial architecture, world-class museums and one of a kind attractions.


La Paz and Copacabana

By: Zeren Earls - 03/25/2014
La Paz and CopacabanaPast problems behind, Bolivia is a new country under the leadership of its first indigenous leader, Evo Morales. Fast developing in tourism, it attracts with vistas of snow-capped mountains, lush rolling hills, bustling cities, and colorful native populations. La Paz is the country's largest city; Copacabana its most picturesque at the crest of the world's highest navigable Lake Titicaca.

Kissing the Bleepin’ Blarney Stone

Blessed With the Gift of Gab

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/27/2013
Blessed With the Gift of GabWhen visiting Ireland it's obligatory to Kiss the Blarney Stone. Which I managed in my own fashion. The Castle is a dump. Better to be a peasant in a cottage with a turf fire than a lord living in that damp pile of stone.

Uzbekistan: Part Three

Khiva and Fergana Valley

By: Zeren Earls - 10/09/2013
Khiva and Fergana ValleyKhiva is the most remote and intact medieval town in Central Asia. Passing through the gates of the crenelated clay walls offers a journey back in time. The fertile Fergana Valley, home to 1/3 of the population, harbors the towns of Margilon, Rishtan and Kokand, each famed for an ancient craft or historic monument.

Uzbekistan: Part Two

Shakhrisabz and Bukhara

By: Zeren Earls - 09/30/2013
Shakhrisabz and BukharaTamerlane's hometown Shakhrisabz preserves a rich history of architecture. Bukhara, the Holy City on the Royal Silk Road fascinates with a multitude of mosques, madrassahs and mausoleums. Many of the historic buildings are now restored museums and craft workshops, which provide a unique setting for carpets, ceramics, textiles, metal work and wood carvings.

Uzbekistan: Part One

Tashkent and Samarkand

By: Zeren Earls - 09/21/2013
Tashkent and SamarkandThe fertile oases across Uzbekistan have attracted great conquerors in history, each leaving an architectural legacy along the fabled Silk Road. On this ancient trade route the cities of Tashkent and Samarkand shimmer with turquoise domes and spectacular mosaics. The cities also brim with exceptional crafts, fashioned out of silk, wood, metal and ceramics.

The Roads of North America, Part Four

From DC to Georgia and Home

By: Astrid Hiemer - 09/14/2013
From DC to Georgia and HomeWhen we started planning a trip south, Savannah, Georgia, was the first location that came to mind. Actually, John Berendt’s novel, 'In the Garden of Good and Evil,' triggered our thoughts and imagination. We wanted to explore Old Savannah, as he had portrayed it. Other stops along the way fell into place after that.

The Roads of North America, Part Three

A Drive South from the Berkshires to Georgia – 2013

By: Astrid Hiemer - 09/07/2013
A Drive South from the Berkshires to Georgia – 2013Part Three you wonder? It's our second road trip which we chronicled in daily entries, noting all roads by numbers. And what an adventure! The stops in this report include days in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

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