• Dennis Metrano Appreciation Day May 18

    Celebrating a Famous Bartender and Rock Critic

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 15th, 2014

    On May 18, friends will join Dennis Metrano for “Dennis Appreciation Day” at the Newburyport Elks, 25 Low Street in Newburyport, MA beginning at 12 Noon. Back in the day at Daisy Buchanan's Metrano was the mixilogy master of the Boston rock world.

  • Dubliners

    Town and Country

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 24th, 2014

    Fulfilling a lifelong dream to hoist a pint of Guinness in a Dublin pub on my birthday. We were in and out of the city connecting with the Irish heritage of my mother and her ancestors. Encountering the whimsical poetic people in the city and touring the lush countryside and craggy coast there was much that rocked my bones and rattled my DNA. Here is a portfolio of images capturing the essence of that experience.

  • Behind the Scenes with Wilco at Mass MoCA

    I Was a Solid Sound Rockumentary P.A.

    By: Jack Criddle - Jul 02nd, 2013

    During the recent Solid Sound Festival Jack Criddle, who grew up on the Mass MoCA campus as the son of its chief preparator, Richard Criddle, returned to town from his home in Brooklyn. He shares behind the scenes adventures as a part of the production crew of TrixieFilm which documented the three day event which drew just shy of 8,000 participants.

  • Joe Thompson Maps Five Year Plan

    Cultural Synergy Raises Tide for North Adams and Williamstown

    By: Charles Giuliano and Joe Thompson - Jul 02nd, 2013

    This time next year the Clark Art Institute will open its Tadao Ando designed campus expansion. Mass MoCA unveils its new Anselm Kiefer building this fall. That adds to its existing Sol LeWitt building. The resultant boost in visitation, as well as more events like the recent Solid Sound Festival, are a part of plans for the expansion and growth of business, tourism and jobs for a region with twice the rate of state unemployment. That's down from seven times the unemployment rate in the early 1990s.

  • Portrait of Fast Eddie

    New York Critic Edward Rubin on the Fly

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 10th, 2012

    New York critic Edward Rubin is on the short lost of my most amusing, eccentric and entertaining friends. In this thumbnail portrait of the artist we come to know just a teenie bit about him and how he came to be Fast Eddie. So famous that there is a Manhattan saloon named for him in neon.

  • London’s Paralympic Games Start Sept. 9

    Realizing Dreams of Nazi Survivor Dr. Ludwig Guttman

    By: Nelida Nassar - Aug 30th, 2012

    Acceptance, perseverance, conviction, power of persuasion and a desire to transcend difficulties and adversities across countries motivated Dr. Ludwig Guttmann to not only create the first worldwide spinal cord injuries center but also the Paralympic Games. This man single-handedly transformed pain into poise and pride hence realizing his dream.

  • Bradley Cooper Discusses Elephant Man

    Broadway Bound for Fall 2013

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jul 04th, 2012

    While in Williamstown this summer Bradley Cooper discussed his Elephant Man production co starring Patricia Clarkson. It proved to be a sold out run and the most sought after ticket of the Berkshire season. Here is what he said about a play that has obsessed him since it was his graduate thesis.

  • Pittsfield Third Thursday

    Monthly Family Fun

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 27th, 2012

    In the past few years Third Thursdays have drawn big crowds to downtown Pittsfield, Our album of images shows why.

  • David Hyde Pierce at Williamstown Theatre Festival

    Five Minutes One on One

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 26th, 2012

    David Hyde Piece is directing Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest which launches the Main Stage season for the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Most audience know him from an eleven year stint as Dr. Niles Crane in the hit TV comedy series Frasier. It took just five minutes of intense quality time to discover that there is more to him than that. But how much can you know about somebody in five minutes. Hey. Show Biz.

  • Dr. Ruth Talks About Sex at Barrington Stage

    Moderated by Playwright Mark St. Germain

    By: Barrington - Jun 22nd, 2012

    Barrington Stage Company presents Dr. Ruth Westheimer in “Talking Sex with Dr. Ruth” moderated by “Dr. Ruth, All the Way” playwright Mark St. Germain, on the BSC Mainstage (30 Union Street, Pittsfield), Monday, July 2 at 7pm.

  • Ralph Brill on Photographer Leonard Freed

    Eclipse Mill Exhibition and Other Projects

    By: Ralph Brill and Charles Giuliano - Jun 05th, 2012

    A version of the traveling exhibition The Italians by the late photographer, Leonard Freed, will be presented in August at the Eclipse Mill Gallery by the gallerist/ entrepreneur Ralph Brill. We met with Brill to discuss Freed and other wide ranging thoughts and projects. There was a focus on North Adams as the former home of Arnold Printworks and Sprague Electric prior to becoming home to Mass MoCA.

  • Grita Insam 1939-2012

    Vienna Gallerist Ist Tot

    By: Vienna - Jun 04th, 2012

    We spent quality time with Vienna gallerist Grita Insam. We recall visiting her main and project galleries. Over wine and sausages she revealed that she was formerly a champion ballroom dancer. It was among her many unique qualities.

  • Michael Snow and Wanda Koop at Mass MoCA

    Dialogue with Canadian Master Artists

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 01st, 2012

    During the intensely busy opening weekend we attempted to interact with artists in the sprawling Mass MoCA survey Oh Canada. The selection mostly focused on younger and lesser known artists. The exceptions proved to be two internationally recognized artists Wanda Koop and Michael Snow.

  • A Conversation With Herb Gart - Part V

    A Philosophy of Management and Lurking Disasters.

    By: David Wilson - May 26th, 2012

    With his feet planted firmly in several aspects of the music business, Herb Gart found himself managing the careers of a number of artists. In this installment we talk a bit about his philosophy and style of management. While he had great successes, clearly there were instances when he had to swallow some pretty bitter pills.

  • The Iconic Dreamer Maurice Sendak

    An Homage to the Beloved Children's Book Author & Illustrator

    By: Nelida Nassar - May 08th, 2012

    The beloved author and illustrator of children books, Maurice Sendak left us yesterday. Re-known for his book “Where the Wild Things Are” and his other fifty books, Mr. Sendak had the genius of provoking lavish fantasies and creating exotic landscapes through the power of imagination. Imagination is Sendak’s gift of genius to children and adults across America and the world.

  • Rock Drummer Levon Helm at 71

    Performed at Mass MoCA's Solid Sound Festival

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 19th, 2012

    Last summer Levon Helm fronted a big band delivering a two hour concert that anchored the Sunday afternoon of the weekend long Solid Sound Festival at Mass MoCA. Wilco joined Helm on stage to end the festival. The legendary drummer who died today was born on May 26, 1940. He was 71.

  • Danièle Sallenave Woman Immortal Elected to French Academy

    Sallenave Awarded Maurice Druon Chair

    By: Nelida Nassar - Mar 30th, 2012

    The novelist Danièle Sallenave was elected April 7, 2011 to Maurice Druon chair at the venerable French Academy. She was received with great fanfare yesterday, Thursday March 29, 2012 under the Academy dôme where she will join in the regal green coat - the trademark of the academy - her four immortal sisters amongst 40 immortals as the members of the academy are called.

  • Patssi Valdez of Asco Part Three

    From No Movies to Carlos Castaneda

    By: Patssi Valdez and Charles Giuliano - Mar 21st, 2012

    Decades later the art world has caught up with the LA based, four person, Asco. Patssi Valdez, the only woman in the group, insists that all four voices be heard. Until now she has rarely talked about this legacy with the media. She had long since moved on from that period and work. Troubled by chronic migraines in the 1980s she worked with the healer Howard Lee and then for two years joined a group led by the legendary Carlos Castaneda.

  • The Challenges of Running Music Festivals

    In The Lebanon with Entrepreneur Myrna Bustani

    By: Nelida Nassar - Mar 15th, 2012

    Running music festivals in economically difficult times is a challenge in itself worldwide. A conversation with the founder and president of the Al-Bustan Festival in The Lebanon shed some lights on these risks. We also present highlights about this festival to our audience and its director's personal involvement for the last nineteen years.

  • Patssi Valdez of Asco Part Two

    How a Mural Walked Through East LA

    By: Patssi Valdez and Charles Giuliano - Mar 11th, 2012

    When Asco agreed to meet and create an event at a particular time and date Patssi Valdez states that she never knew what to expect. Gronk arrived at her home as a Christmas tree. Willie was a mural and Passi dressed as the Virgin Mary with glitter and platform shoes. They cavorted through East LA as A Walking Mural straight into the history books. Their friend Harry took the documentary photographs.

  • Patssi Valdez of Asco Part One

    Bi-Coastal Exhibition at Williams College Museum of Art.

    By: Patssi Valdez and Charles Giuliano - Mar 11th, 2012

    During the opening weekend and seminar associated with the bi-coastal exhibition "Asco Elite of the Obscure a Retrospective 1972-1987 " at the Williams College Museum of Art we met and spoke briefly with one of the four artists, Patssi Valdez. Later we spoke at length by phone when she returned home to LA. She spoke of the drive early on to make it into the art history books. Due to this major exhibition, catalogue, seminar and this coverage, that dream has become a reality. This is the first segment of a dialogue with a charming art star,

  • Canadian Curator Claude Gosselin 2

    Designing Biennials for Younger Audiences

    By: Claude Gosselin and Charles Giuliano - Mar 08th, 2012

    Claude Gosselin has been the artistic director for La Biennale de Montreal. His recent projects have focused on new and digital media attracting a younger audience. As an authority on contemporary Canadian art he is skeptical about the survey of 65 Canadian artists planned for Mass MoCA this summer. He also sees paradigm shifts for museums scrambling to attract declining audiences for the visual arts.

  • Canadian Curator Claude Gosselin 3

    Reviving the Canadian Biennial

    By: Claude Gosselin and Charles Giuliano - Mar 08th, 2012

    The Canadian Biennal was staged in 1989 at the National Gallery in Ottowa and shelved for lack of funding after that. Under Marc Mayer it has been revived. But rather than a true biennial the 2011 incarnation was an overview of recent acquisitions.

  • Jessica May of Portland Museum of Art

    Named Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art

    By: Portland - Mar 05th, 2012

    Jessica May has been named Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art at the Portland Museum of Art. May will be responsible for overseeing the interpretation and development of the Museum’s contemporary and modern art collection, including annual exhibitions, the Biennial, and the Circa series. May will join the staff in June 2012.

  • Claude Gosselin Curator of La Biennale de Montréal

    Starting with Aurora Borealis in 1985

    By: Claude Gosselin and Charles Giuliano - Mar 05th, 2012

    This summer Mass MoCA will present a survey of 65 Canadian artists curated by Denise Markonish. Recently we spoke at length with the leading Canadian curator Claude Gosselin who has organized major thematic exhibitions combining Canadian and international artists since 1985. His 2011 La Biennale de Montréal may have been his last. He plans to continue Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal (CIAC) with a refocused program.

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