Garden of Eden

Advice from Nano

By: - Jun 25, 2015



Garden of Eden

Spring Garden Show
Mechanic’s Hall
Huntington Ave
Long gone
Mom took us
Spectacular displays
All in bloom
Even a real waterfall
Fragrance in the air
Peasant roots
Irish potato planters
Fled the famine
Settled in Rockport
Beaver Dam Farm
Other side Sicilian
Dirt under finger nails
Urge to grow
From seeds
Visions of summer
Vegetables and gourds
Bought all kinds
For Annisquam
Where to plant
First ever garden
Wanted middle of
Back yard
Full sun
Mom said no
Pointed to the woods
Cleared a patch
Surrounded by shrubs
Six feet square
Rows of
Corn, radishes, gourds, carrots, lettuce
Everything stunted
Mini ears of blighted corn
Radishes more or less OK
Grandpa Nano visited
Proud to show him
No sun he said
No sun no grow
Kneeling on the ground
With pocket knife
Transferred lettuces
To sliver of light
Lesson learned
Still trying to
Grow vegetables