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Native American Repatriation

National Museum of the American Indian

By: Kevin Gover - 07/29/2014
National Museum of the American IndianWhen the NMAI was established in 1989 with the passage of the National Museum of the American Indian Act (NMAI Act), it included the first U.S. repatriation legislation that provided for the return of Native American human remains and certain cultural items in the collections. Since the museum's inception, one of the highest priorities has been the return of Native American human remains and their associated funerary items back to their communities of origin.

Pipaluk Lake's Planned Accidents

Multi Media Works at Maria Lund Galerie in Paris

By: Maria Lund - 07/28/2014
Multi Media Works at Maria Lund Galerie in ParisPipaluk Lake takes a long time to conceive her glass and metal “bundles”; she cuts, hammers, attaches, knits, sews… Putting into practice a know-how acquired during a quadruple training in fields as diverse as textile, glass, metal and wood. Once her complex preparation work finished, she abandons her “bundle” to the alchemy of heat and gravity inside the kiln.

Marjorie Minkin’s Lexan Painted Reliefs

Collaborations with Her Son Mike Gordon of Phish

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/28/2014
Collaborations with Her Son Mike Gordon of PhishDuring the final days of her exhibition at the Eclipse Mill Gallery in North Adams, Mass. we spoke with Marjorie Minkin about her painted Lexan reliefs. We discussed the current exhibition and background of her relationship with renowned critic, Clement Greenberg, and curator/ critic, Kenworth Moffett. As well as a 2005/06 project in collaboration with her son Mike Gordon of the rock band Phish and engineer Jamie Robertson.

Love Made Visible by Jean Gibran

A Complex Book on Her Husband Kahlil Gibran

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/27/2014
A Complex Book on Her Husband Kahlil GibranDecades ago the sculptor Kahlin Gibran and his wife Jean purchased a shell in Boston's ethnically mixed South End. A meticulous craftsman the home evolved as a museum of his work and collection. Together they wrote a definitive 1974 biography "Kahlil Gibran, His Life and World." Now Jean has published "Love Made Visible: Scenes from a Mostly Happy Marriage" about a complex relationship with her late husband.

Re-Introducing The Rhino Horn Group

Evolved from Figurative Expressionism

By: Adam Zucker - 07/24/2014
Evolved from Figurative ExpressionismWhen Pop Art dominated the art world and mass-media a group of New York expressionists said no thanks. The primal, raucous, and confrontational approach to painting exhibited by the group’s members kept the emotional impact of Figurative Expressionism alive. However, aesthetic tradition was less important than the moral obligation of depicting the reality that the artists perceived. This put the Rhino Horn artists at odds with many of the mainstream artists that had turned away from expressionism and humanist art.

Jim Hodges at the ICA

Summer in the City

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/23/2014
Summer in the CityThe artist Jim Hodges came to New York in the 1980s at a time when AIDS was decimating the arts community. Like others of his generation his work responded to a sense of devastation and loss. A retrospecitve of his eclectic conceptual work is on view at Boston's ICA until September 1.

Jamie Wyeth at the MFA

Good Genes

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/22/2014
Good GenesOutgoing populist and vulgarian, MFA director Malcolm Rogers, has orchestrated yet another celebrity based, crowd pleasing exhibition. The traveling restrospective of paintings by Jamie, a third generation manifestation of the famous Wyeth dynasty, is actually kind of fun. Where the work fits in the canon of the art of our time, however, is another matter.

Group ZERO Co Founder Otto Piene at 85

Guggenheim ZERO Exhibition to Open in October

By: Charles Giuliano - 07/19/2014
Guggenheim ZERO Exhibition to Open in OctoberFrom 1974 to 1994 the German/ American artist Otto Piene was the director of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT. With a farm in Groton he continued to commute to his studio in Dusseldorf. He died this week, at 85, while working on a major museum exhibition and sky art event in Berlin. While celebrated internationally, there will be an exhibition of Group ZERO this seaon at the Guggenheim, he was snubbed by the Boston art world and media.

Preserving Mother Cabrini

The Religious Art of Mummification

By: Stephen Boyer - 07/14/2014
The Religious Art of MummificationOnce inside the Mother Cabrini sanctuary I found myself transfixed by her mummified corpse. I wondered: How does anyone worship God in this space? What is it like to take communion with a mummified corpse in the same room? Then I noticed the late afternoon light pouring through the stain glass representation of her on the back wall of the sanctuary. The light poured across the room with the full spectrum of color, it flooded the pews, and led my eye back to her remains.

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