Arcosanti Rings a Bell
Arcosanti Rings a Bell
By: Charles Giuliano
Alice’s Restaurant Returns to the Berkshires
By: Charles Giuliano
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Warhol at LA Moca through February 2

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/30/2014
Warhol at LA Moca through February 2Edge to edge LA MoCA is showing the 102 silk screen paintings comprising Andy Warhol's 1978-79 series Shadows. Viewing this dense installation, on view through February 2, entailed no heavy lifting. Andy called the series "Disco Decor."

Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison

Heard Museum Phoenix to January 12

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/28/2014
Heard Museum  Phoenix to January 12The Modern Spirit: The Arts of George Morrison is a five venue traveling exhibition which is on view at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona through January 12. Morrison (1919-2000) left the Chippewa people of Lake Superior to study at the Arts Student League in 1943. He enjoyed success in New York with numerous gallery and national museum exhibitions. In 1970 he returned to teach in Minnesota where he primarily lived and worked for the remainder of his life. As an abstract artist Morrison defies narrow definitions of American Indian Art. His life and work did much to expand that.

Double Rhythm Writings about Painting

Jean Helion Collected with an Introduction by Deborah Rosenthal

By: Martin Mugar - 10/27/2014
Jean Helion Collected with an Introduction by Deborah RosenthalThe notion of the hermeneutical way of thinking is evident throughout Helion’s writings. One intriguing essay tries to untangle the origins of Abstraction’s roots in Seurat and Cezanne. Who was more important in influencing Abstraction? Helion comes down on the side of Seurat. Cezanne, he feels, is still attached to the real space of objects and is more Janus-like looking backward as well as forward. Seurat’s work lends itself to further reduction, which is crucial to abstraction.

State of the Art in Arkansas

Crystal Bridges Captures America's Heartbeat

By: Susan Hall - 10/20/2014
Crystal Bridges Captures America's HeartbeatIn Bentonville, Arkansas, a stunning museum by Moshe Safdie houses one of the great collections of American Art, and celebrates the future too in 'State of Art."

Covert Operations: Investigating the Known Unknowns

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to January 15

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/18/2014
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to January 15The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art received a grant from the Tremaine Foundation in support of the ambitious and insightful special exhibition Covert Operations: Investigating the Known Unknowns. It has been installed for several months in the three galleries of a former movie theater. The provocative project plays well in a staunchly red state dealing with unchecked undocumented immigration.

Xanti Schawinsky Eclipse

Bauhaus Artist at Broadway 1602 to Nov. 22

By: Broadway - 10/05/2014
Bauhaus Artist at Broadway 1602 to Nov. 22Bauhaus artist Xanti Schawinsky (1904-79), of Polish-Jewish origin, immigrated in 1936 to the United States. After his years at the Bauhaus he continued an intense and ultra creative journey from his radical post-Bauhaus theater work at the Black Mountain College, the innovative designs for the New York World Fair in 1939, to his unparalleled surreal drawing and painting work throughout the 1940s influenced by war and immigration (on show at the Drawing Center in tandem with our exhibition). In the 1960s Schawinsky entered a new phase of creation with an intense and enigmatic body of work of abstract and optical paintings, the Eclipses and Spheras.

Mark Favermann Functional Abstraction

Newbury College Exhibition

By: Arthur Birkland - 10/01/2014
Newbury College ExhibitionMark Favermann is known to readers of Berkshire Fine Arts for reviews of Boston theatre and articles on fine arts, architecture and design. From October 15 through December 5 an exhibition of his work Functional Abstraction will be on view at Newbury College in Brookline, Mass.

Modern Art in the Berkshires

Clark Curator David Breslin Part Two

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/12/2014
Clark Curator David Breslin Part TwoThrough October 13 the new special exhition galleries of the Clark Art Instiute feature Make It New: Abstract Painting from the National Gallery of Art 1950-1975. This is part two of a dialogue with Clark curator David Breslin who worked with Harry Cooper of the National Gallery. We discussed how this changes art history and the impact of the exhibition on showing modern art in the Berkshires.

Susan Erony’s Redeeming Pessimism

Trident Gallery Gloucester, Mass.

By: Matthew Swift - 09/12/2014
Trident Gallery Gloucester, Mass. In the heart of downtown Gloucester, a short walk from the renovated and expanded Cape Ann Museum of Art is the ambitious Trident Gallery. Unlike the tourist kitsch of the majority of Gloucester and Rockport galleries this venue speaks to the historic role of Cape Ann as a vibrant modernist art colony. Susan Erony is an example of the small but seminal community of professional artists represented by gallerist Matthew Swift. In his catalogue essay published here he offers an insightful overview of the issues and work of a concerned artist.

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