The Burren, Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange
The Burren, Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange
By: Astrid Hiemer
Sweet Cheeks Serves Designer Barbecue
By: Pit Bulls
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Fine Arts

Lázaro Saavedra's Funerary Egocentrism

Performance April 30 at Boston's MFA

By: Charles Giuliano - 04/12/2014
Performance April 30 at Boston's MFAOvercoming both administrative roadblocks and censorship, Cuban artist Lázaro Saavedra performs Funerary Egocentrism at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), on Wednesday, April 30.

Christopher Wool at the Art Institute

Chicago Celebrates a Native Son

By: Susan Hall - 04/11/2014
Chicago Celebrates a Native SonThirty-one letters brought more than 26 million dollars at an art auction last fall. Visually the letters are compressed, blob-like, stacked. Musically, each of the three phrases has a sound which is considered one of the most beautiful in the English language: sell or cell. Two hard "c" sounds (actually a ‘k”) break up the beauty. The entire phrase startles because selling the kids is verboten. Do you have to know the title, "Apocalypse Now", to react?

Norman Liebman's Evocative Paintings

At Art Alternative Gallery in Brookline. MA

By: Mark Favermann - 04/08/2014
At Art Alternative Gallery in Brookline. MATrained as a physician, actually a surgeon, Norman Liebman painted throughout his college education and medical career. Liebman has spent his retirement painting in his studio five or more days a week working in a style related to the COBRA group that worked from 1948-1951 in Europe. He uses bright color and distorted representational form to create semiabstract moody images that have a Modigliani mysteriousness and an expressionist's visual articulateness to them. In his ninth decade of life, he expresses himself in an exuberant, skillful way that underscores a vitality and a youthful experimentation.

5 UK Artists Better Than Bansky

British Street Scenes

By: Susannah Taplin - 03/31/2014
British Street ScenesThink street art, and chances are you think Banksy. For some, he’s the wittiest man ever to have touched a spray can, while others consider him nothing more than an overhyped phenomenon with a technique and style that’s just a reproduction of other artists’ work from 20 years ago. Love him or hate him, his work never fails to stir up a buzz. But think Banksy’s the most exciting artist to emerge from the UK? Think again. Britain’s streets are home to some of the world’s most diverse and talented artists.

Jumping Out of Enframement

Is Everything Mostly Post Moderm

By: Martin Mugar - 03/30/2014
Is Everything Mostly Post Moderm Painting still privileges the individual and their own notion of time. It is, as well, in an inevitable dialogue with all that painting has ever been, so that intentionally or otherwise the artist is forced to accept the history of painting. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to create time out of its own language, which forces the viewer to linger in front of it.

The Clark's Masterpieces Home at Last

On Tour to Eleven Venues on Three Continents for Three Years

By: Charles Giuliano - 03/21/2014
On Tour to Eleven Venues on Three Continents for Three Years After three years with eleven museums on three continents the treasures of the Clark Art Institute are back home safe and sound. They will be seen this summer when the museum reopens after extensive renovation and expansion on July 4. This grand tour of major museums will reap benefits as the Clark requests loans for major exhibitions. Other major museums, however, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Guggenheim, have loaned works to their satellites and commercial exhibition promoters for cold cash.

The Clark Art Institute Embraces Modernism

Pollock's Masterpiece Lavender Mist This Summer

By: Charles Giuliano - 03/20/2014
Pollock's Masterpiece Lavender Mist This SummerThis week representatives of the Clark Art Institute, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown Theatre Festival and Mass MoCA met with the media to promote plans for a spectacular Northern Berkshires season. The Clark reopens following extensive expansion and renovation. Mass MoCA offers the first full season of its Anselm Kiefer building. Jenny Gersten has planned a blockbuster program for WTF. WCMA plans special events like a Think and Drink series. In high season it may be hard to book a hotel or dine at the best restaurants.

Arnold Trachtman Portraits, Galatea Fine Art

Visions Through a Personal Prism

By: Mark Favermann - 03/19/2014
Visions Through a Personal PrismAt 84, Arnold Trachtman is exhibiting a dozen pieces from the last 50 years of his artistic career. Relentlessly he is compelled to express and document history through a vey personal lens. His art never fit the current fad. Arnie never got the memo on the next big wave. Or if he did, he disregarded it. He often combined the past imperfect of the political and social agenda of Europe and the USA in his mostly strident painted images. But the works shown at Galatea Fine Art are more mellow memories yet painted in his most original voice.

Fernando Botero Seen in Bogota

Colombia's Living Treasure

By: Zeren Earls - 03/17/2014
Colombia's Living TreasureBotero's art permeates Bogota's and Medellin's major museums and plazas with overwhelming grandeur and sensuality. Contrasting giant and dwarf figures, sometimes with underlying satire, the artist creates voluptuous exuberance that charms and captivates.

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