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Mockingjay at Best a Holiday Turkey

Jennifer Dear How Could You

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/26/2014
Jennifer Dear How Could YouIn the first two Hunger Games films we fell deeply, madly in love with Jennifer Lawrence as the archer and woman warrior Katness Everdeen. The boring two hour third film Mockingjay Part One is little more than a boring rip off and setup for the hopefully better final film in the series a year from now.

‘Birdman’ is Almost Wholly Original

Hollywood Celebrity Struggles on Broadway

By: Christopher Johnson - 11/22/2014
Hollywood Celebrity Struggles on BroadwayMichael Keaton is the celebrity star of a series of comic book films as the super hero Birdman. At mid career he hopes to prove himself as a director and thespian on Broadway. In what seems like doomed ambition he risks enerything. The bitchy Times critic during a bar confrontation reveals plans to write a brutal review intended to close down the show. She has a thing, truly justified, about Hollywood taking over Broadway. Keaton and supporting actor, Ed Norton, give potentially Oscar nominated performances.

Three Current Films

Gone Girl, St. Vincent and CitizenFour

By: Jack Lyons - 11/14/2014
Gone Girl, St. Vincent and CitizenFourIn today’s world of $100 and $200 million dollar budgets, filmmakers only get one or maybe two shots at it. Thus, the “safe” and less risky films are what’s being produced and screened. It’s a “Hobson’s Choice” dilemma.

Intersteallar by Christopher Nolan

Farout Film Stars Matthew McConaughey

By: Christopher Johnson - 11/14/2014
Farout Film Stars Matthew McConaughey While "Interstellar" is profoundly beautiful, it is lacking in some fundamental elements of story and dialogue. What is most worrisome about the film is how the dialogue almost reaches a point of realism but falls into platitudes entailing unremarkable but easily understandable sentences.

Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy

Creepy Performance Jake Gyllenhaal

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/12/2014
Creepy Performance Jake GyllenhaalDuring an evening of suspense Tony Gilroy showed a clip from Nightcrawler. It was a film wrtten and directed by his brother Dan. It was fun to see how that scene developed in the arc of a grim but fascinating film.

Lilli Taylor and Nick Flynn

Lunch Chat at Williams Inn

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/10/2014
Lunch Chat at Williams InnDuring the recent Williamstown Film Festival Diane Pearlman and Berkshire Film & Media Collaborative hosted a lunch at the Williams Inn. It featured independent film star, Lilli Taylor, and her husband, Nick Flynn, a poet, essayist and author of three books of memoirs. Williams College professor, Jim Shepard, led the dialogue.

Like Sunday, Like Rain by Frank Whaley

Breakout at Williamstown Film Festival

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/10/2014
Breakout at Williamstown Film FestivalActor/ writer/ director Frank Whaley took seven years to develop Like Sunday, Like Rain. Screened on Sunday morning at the annual Williamstown Film Festival it proved to be the diamond in the rough, small and gleaming gem that scored big time with an appreciative audience. In this case the best film of the festival was saved for last.

Tony Gilroy Master of Suspense

Bourne Creator at Mass Moca/ WFF

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/08/2014
Bourne Creator at Mass Moca/ WFFIn a two hour presentation of clips from Bourne, his and other classic suspense films, Tony Gilroy presented a master’s class on state of the art filmmaking for an enthralled audience at the Hunter Center of Mass MoCA. The event which was hosted by artistic director, Steve Lawson, with the artist Stephen Hannock, an Oscar winner, as discussant, was a highlight of the 16th annual Williamstown Film Festival.

Match with Patrick Stewart

Stephen Belber Film at WFF

By: Charles Giuliano - 11/07/2014
Stephen Belber Film at WFFIn transferring his 2005 Tony nominated play Match to screen Stephen Belber has created a dense, tight, indeed, claustraphobic film. Initially there are long shots but in the equivalence of the second act, a turning point in the drama, the camera zooms in on the iconic face of the magnificent Sir Patrick Stewart launching into a new dimension of one of his finest performances.

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