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Benno Friedman on Painterly Photography

Berkshire Artist Overcomes Adversity

By: Charles Giuliano - 10/01/2014
Berkshire Artist Overcomes AdversityFor Berkshire based photograher, Benno Friendman, taking an image with a camera is the initial step in creating an exhibition print. In this third and final installment of an extensive interview he discussed the alchemy of the darkroom. In more recent years that has morped into manipulations using Photoshop. Several years ago he suffered a severe injury from which he has made a remarkable but gradual recovery. It proved to have little impact on his feisty spirit.

Scorton Marsh, Sandwich, Cape Cod

A Poetic Photo Story

By: Astrid Hiemer - 09/30/2014
A Poetic Photo StoryWe live in the Berkshire Hills and forests, near lakes. Growing up close to the Baltic and North Seas draws me to oceans still. So we recently spent a wonderful and sunny week on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A photography project follows: From a thousand new Cape photos, we photo-shopped 100, then selected approximately 40, further enhanced or painterly distorted them (or not) for this story and poem.

Jonas Dovydenas Endless War

Afghan Photo Series at Lenox Library

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/26/2014
Afghan Photo Series at Lenox LibraryFrom 1985 until fairly recently the Berkshire based photograher, Jonas Dovydenas, made a number of trips to Afghanistan. He started by shooting black and white film and later abandoned the darkroom switching to digital cameras. In all he shot some 15,000 frames. These were culled and edited resulting in the recent exhibition at the Lenox Public Library.

Benno Friedman Hosted Tim Leary

Hitched Ray and Alice Brock of Alice's Restaurant

By: Charles Giuliano - 09/02/2014
Hitched Ray and Alice Brock of Alice's RestaurantAn extended family of artists and hipsters celebrate holidays in the Berkshires at the home of Benno and Stephanie Friedman. Among the renowned guests have been LSD guru, Tim Leary, and chef Alice Brock. Benno shot the illustrations for the Alice's Restaurant Cookbook. There's a shot of me with an apple in my mouth in the chapter on stuffing.

Berkshire Photographer Benno Friedman

Early Years: Woodstock, Rolling Stone, Playboy

By: Charles Giuliano - 08/25/2014
Early Years: Woodstock, Rolling Stone, PlayboyBerkshire based photographer, Benno Friedman, bought a camera in a duty free shop in the Amsterdam airport. It was the summer after graduation from college in 1966. Upon returning a friend helped him to process and print the film. Soon that launched into dual career as a commercial and fine arts photographer. That led to assignments like shooting Woodstock for Playboy and Seventeen. He was also a stringer for Rolling Stone. This is part one of a recent extensive interview.

A Secret Passage Way - 2014

Global Call to Participate in Photo Project

By: Astrid Hiemer - 06/17/2014
Global Call to Participate in Photo ProjectFrom February to May we invited participants to submit photographs and words via email and Face Book representing passages in any way real or imagined. Collaborators expanded the project in amazing and unexpected directions. Here is the resulting digital exhibition:

Christopher Williams at the Art Institute of Chicago

Play and Dream an Image. Let Someone Else Click.

By: Susan Hall - 04/21/2014
Play and Dream an Image. Let Someone Else Click.The title of the exhibit, "The Production Line of Happiness" is taken from a Jean Luc Godard documentary in which an amateur filmmaker compares his day job as a factory worker with his hobby of editing his films of the Swiss countryside. Williams says that today's consumer culture pictures and produces endless images to be consumed.

The Burren, Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange

A Photo Essay

By: Astrid Hiemer - 03/16/2014
A Photo EssayA photograph is worth how many words? You decide! Our trip to Ireland and England included a couple of days experiencing the land, people and natural wonders of Ireland by bus. We returned with rock-solid photographs (pardon the pun!) and long lasting memories.

Ian Grey's Portrait Series

North Adams Parlor Cafe

By: Parlor - 01/22/2014
North Adams Parlor CafeIan Grey of the Berkshires is best known for his hummingbird series of photographs. In his largest exhibition to date, some 50 images, he will be showing portraits at the Parlor Cafe in North Adams. The reception for the artist will occur on Saturday, January 25, from 6 to 9 PM. The show remains on view through March 8.

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