• The Honourable Woman Golden Globe Winner Television

    Maggie Gyllenhaal Astonishing as Activist Nessa Stein

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 23rd, 2015

    The Honourable Woman is a combined project of SundanceTV and the BBC. Written and directed by Hugo Bick it stars the American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal as a Jewish CEO of the British Stein Corporation. She is a Nominee for the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries and has been honored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress In A Miniseries Or Television Film.

  • The Imitation Game Nominated for Eight Oscars Film

    Benedict Cumberbatch Captivating as Alan Turing

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 25th, 2015

    Because of the Official Secrets Act it would be decades before the efforts of 10,000 at top secret Bletchley Park would be revealed. Primarily through the genius of the brilliant, tormented Alan Turning they succeeded in cracking the seemingly impossible 159 million daily variations of the Enigma code machine. Convicted of Gross Indecency Turing was alleged to take his life after a year of court imposed chemical castration.

  • A Tart Elevator Poem Word

    Ban Muzak

    By: Matuschka - Jan 26th, 2015

    The photographer and artist Matuschka wades in on life's ups and downs.

  • Tanglewood Tickets On Sale Music

    Best Seats Available for 2015

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 23rd, 2015

    Yet again Tanglewood is committed to finding the balance between traditional classical music and evenings featuring popular artists with enough appeal to balance the books. The BSO base audience will embrace the new and youthful conductor Andris Nelsons in his limited appearances. Popular artists including James Taylor, Dianna Krall, and Sheryl Crow return. Idina Menzel and Huey Lewis will be featured in the Shed. The wild card and most interesting booking of the season will present the gonzo pairing of over the top Lady Gaga and the venerable octogenarian Tony Bennett.

  • Leviathan by Director Andrei Zvyagintsev Film

    Oscar Nominated Foreign Film

    By: Christopher Johnson - Jan 16th, 2015

    Leviathan directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev is a film about a mayor who is evicting a man from his property against his will and a masterful plot ensues from this premise. It won a 2014 Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film and is nominated for an Oscar.

  • Necessary Monsters At SpeakEasy Theatre

    Playwright/Actor Kuntz Disrupts Narrative Expectations

    By: Mark Favermann - Dec 07th, 2014

    Set in a cage and creatively dramatizing different presentations forms, "Necessary Monsters" by John Kuntz is a play that tells a fragmented story. Its title figuring into at least four story lines. “Necessary Monsters” is the name of a romance novel, a horror film, a bit of film noir, and a children’s television show. This is an unusual production that is part dream sequence, part pill-induced hallucination and serial killer nightmare. It is a provocative thinking person's entertainment.

  • Lucky Stiff a Cute Musical Farce Film

    Directed by Chistopher Ashley of La Jolla Playthouse

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 18th, 2015

    The newly adapted movie version of the theatre piece, Lucky Stiff, revolves, in short, around a young down-and-out, mousey British shoe salesman Harry Witherspoon (a winning performance by Dominic Marsh) who takes his dead American Uncle (a sedated (?) live actor who mustn’t make a false move played by Don Amendola) – a murdered Vegas casino manager to Monte Carlo – for the best time of his life, even though he’s dead. Shades of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  • Judith Stein on Dick Bellamy Fine Arts

    Another Take on Figurative Expressionism

    By: Charles Giuliano - Dec 22nd, 2014

    In the November issue of Art in America there was a story "Richard Bellamy. Interview by Billy Kluver and Julie Martin, introduction by Judith E. Stein." It was a sidebar of Stein's research on the Bellamy an eccentric, brilliant and complex art dealer. We spoke about that research as well as work with the little understood or appreciated movement of Figurative Expressionism.

  • A Perfect Future At SpeakEasy Stage Theatre

    30something Angst in the 21st Century

    By: Mark Favermann - Jan 13th, 2015

    A Play of 21st Century manners, A Perfect Future tells the story of Claire and Max finding their values put to the test. When their best friends Alex and Elena announce they are having a baby, things begin to unravel in their perfect world. Claire is climbing the corporate ladder in advertising, while her husband Max is a puppeteer for PBS. With friends entering into parenthood, they begin to ask themselves who they are and where they are going so fast. And what happened to the indie-rock kids that hated everything their parents believed in?

  • Molly Ivins' Wit and Wisdom at Lyric Theatre

    Karen MacDonald Triumphant as Red Hot Patriot

    By: Mark Favermann - Jan 06th, 2015

    Splendidly portrayed by Karen MacDonald, Molly Ivins was a dyed-in-the-wool liberal from deep in the heart of Texas,. She had a rapier wit that made her one of America’s highest-regarded political satirists and beloved rabble-rousers. Red Hot Patriot weaves personal anecdotes with Molly’s humor and wisdom, celebrating her courage and tenacity. This is especially true even when a complacent America wasn’t listening. She was a personable monument to First Amendment rights and virtues. This is a terrific play about an American original.

  • Michael Keaton in Birdman Film

    Is Riff of Holywood on Broadway Oscar Bound

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 11th, 2015

    “Birdman”, like last years’ Oscar Winner “Dallas Buyers Club” features a character I didn’t much care for, but I sure did enjoy and admire the performance of its star Matthew McConaughey, who walked off with a much deserved Oscar statuette by playing a flawed character. It’s a strong possibility that Michael Keaton, another flawed character-study, will do the same?

  • Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Theatre

    A Delightful Chekhovian Spicy Comedy at Huntington Theatre

    By: Mark Favermann - Jan 08th, 2015

    A Chekhovian mashup from master of comedy playwright Christopher Durang, Vanya and Sonia's quiet, bucolic and rather boring life is upended when their glamorous movie star sister Masha arrives with her brawny boy toy Spike in tow. This Tony Award-winning Broadway treat is both a rollicking and touching comedy that pays loving homage to Chekhov's classic themes of loss and existential longing.

  • Brattleboro Museum & Arts Center Fine Arts

    Open Call NNE (North Northeast)

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 11th, 2015

    The Open Call NNE (North Northeast) at Brattleboro Museum & Arts Center will be on view to February 7, 2015. During the breakfast opening we were pleased to encounter artists we haven't seen for decades. The Vermont kuhsthalle featured several simultaneous exhibitions including celebrity photographs by senator Patrick Leahy.

  • Anne Tabachnick: Object As Muse Fine Arts

    At Lori Bookstein Fine Art

    By: Adam Zucker - Jan 11th, 2015

    The late modern and contemporary expressionist painter Anne Tabachnick is revitalized in a well curated thematic exhibition at Lori Bookstein Fine Art in Chelsea.

  • Inherent Vice Is Unclassifiable Film

    'Paul Thomas Anderson's New Film

    By: Christopher Johnson - Jan 11th, 2015

    Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" details the mystery that Doc Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) must solve that keeps getting more complicated as the film goes along.

  • Barrington Stage Announces 2015 Season Theatre

    Dreaming the Impossible Dream

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 13th, 2015

    On a miserable January day the media gathered for lunch on stage at Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield. Artistic director Julianne Boyd announced programming for the Boyd-Quinson Mainstage. There are still slots to fill on the Mark St. Germain second stage. Once that is complete Boyd will move on to schedule the cabaret largely based on who is available for the 99 seat basement venue. The company will again collaborate with the Berkshire Museum to present a youth oriented production.

  • Elevator Options Word

    Stairway to Heaven

    By: Yehuda Hanani - Jan 17th, 2015

    Faced with an elevator to heaven or hell the poet explores other options.

  • Mark Titus Documentary Fire in the Water Film

    Alaskan King Salmon Endangered Species

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 17th, 2015

    The documentary film Fire in the Water by Mark Titus is a dire warning of the threat to an American culinary staple The Alaskan King Salmon and other marine species. Fishing Alaska salmon is a $ billion dollar plus industry that appears to be headed for a financial tsunami.

  • Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem Film

    Film on Divorce Israeli Style

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 17th, 2015

    The melodrama cleverly written and directed by the brother-sister team of Ronit Elkabertz and Shlomi Elkabertz introduces to non-Israeli audiences the complicated nature of its legal system concerning marriage and divorce. In theocracies, religious law trumps all varieties of civil law procedures that are common in most other countries.

  • Kurmanjan Datka Queen of the Mountains Film

    Emering Films from Kyrgzstan

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 18th, 2015

    Following a two-year post graduate course in screenwriting and directing in Moscow, Sher-Niyaz returned to his native Kyrgzstan, and founded the film production company Aitysh Film in 2006. For his debut as a director he chose to film the epic story of his country’s most iconic citizen, Kurmanjan Datka.

  • Tangerines an Estonian Film Film

    Directed by Zaza Urushadze

    By: Jack Lyons - Jan 18th, 2015

    It’s safe to say that the anti-war message of “Tangerines” will not diminish the impact of an intense, well-crafted war movie that, no doubt, will resonate with audiences everywhere.

  • The Getty Center Museum Photographs Fine Arts

    An Album of Inages and Memories

    By: Philip Kampe - Jan 20th, 2015

    Charles Giuliano's article inspired our visit to the Getty Museum This is a photo essay of a magnificent museum and its collection..

  • Winners by Maggie Bofill Theatre

    Stripped Bare Survivors of the Great Recession

    By: Susan Hall - Jan 23rd, 2015

    Ensemble Studio Theatre and Radio Drama Network have teamed together to produce a play about now. It is delivered with grace and humor in a superbly acted depiction of life after the Great Recession.

  • Oscar Bound American Sniper Takes Hits Film

    Doves and Hawks Debate Clint Eastwood Film

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jan 21st, 2015

    From rodeo rider in Texas to sniper Bradley Cooper is superb in depicting the nuances of Chris Kyle who holds the record with 160 confirmed kills as an American Sniper. After 9/11 there was a rush to take the battle to the terrorists who attacked America. As the war dragged on with staggering cost and loss of life it grew ever less acceptable to the American people. Director Clint Eastwood again polarizes a nation divided into hawks and doves. Was Kyle a hero and defender of freedom or, as Michael Moore has stated, a "coward" and sanctioned serial killer?

  • George McNeil: About Place Fine Arts

    At Boston's ACME Fine Arts

    By: Adam Zucker - Jan 21st, 2015

    George McNeil emerged as one of the First Generation Abstract Expressionist and New York School painters during the late thirties. He was shown in the New York Worlds Fair in 1939, and in 1935 he was a member of the W.P.A. and served on the Federal Art project with artists such as Willem de Kooning and James Brooks.

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