Railroad Street Youth Culinary Arts

Culminating Event for Apprenticeship Program

By: - Dec 12, 2016

Participants form the Railroad Street Youth Project (RSYP) cooked dinner for 150 guests at Crissey Farm, highlighting the culmination of a work based apprenticeship program that offered the students the opportunity to learn food preparation and presentation under the guidance of established chefs: Zee Vassos of Firefly; Adam Brassard of the Red Lion Inn; Dan Smith of John Andrews Farmhouse Restaurant; Daire Rooney of Mezze Catering and Brian Alberg of Main Street Hospitality Group.

The Chefs mentored the students: Katrina Hobes; Eva Letterton; Dayla Ziegler; Elena Brown; Jade Wright; Hunter Andrus; Bryce Brady; Michael Chi; Sarah; Donovan Macfarland; Alexander Teunisen; Erin Moore and Erik Jon Thompson.

The RSYP, with the help of the chefs, helps the young chefs to explore their full potential to be equipped for the challenges during their transition from the apprenticeship to the real world. The mission of the RSYP is to help youth 'find their voice' and realize the benefits of their commitment to themselves and their community.

The evening included a certificate ceremony, a five-course menu prepared by the chefs and an auction to support RSYP's mission.

The auction coupled with the dinner raised $55,000 for the Railroad street Youth Project.