The Terrorist Next Door

By: - Jul 14, 2015

adams Adams



Nothing ever happens
In Adams
Our prefect Berkshire home
View of Mt. Greylock
From the deck
Monday night Chinese
Weekly meeting at
Sushi House
Where Joy serves
Tasty varied food and margaritas
To starving artists
Catching up on stuff
Busy summer season
Eric recounting his annual
Beach Party on Eagle Street
Free gifts for kids
Plastic pales and shovels
Lots of hot dogs
Everyone enjoying event
Later misadventure
Handicapped man
Stuck in museum’s elevator
During opening after
The party
Took three hours to
Get him out
Then it got dark
Did you hear about the terrorist
Living in Adams
Gail and Phil said
From across the table
She grew up there
Alexander Ciccolo, 23
Son of Boston Police captain
Intent on mayhem
Plotting massacre
For Isis
Not in our little village
The madman next door
Kept to himself
Neighbors said
Bought pressure cooker
At local Walmart
Stash of weapons
Molotov cocktails
With evil intent
Heartless in the heartland
No more
Thornton Wilder
What the fuck happened
To our town