The Nugents of Rockport

By: - Jul 07, 2015




Born during but
Emigrated after
The Potato Famine
Patrick Nugent (1850-1900)
Ratchcormacho County of
Warterford, Ireland
Mary Josephine Donovan (1851-1927)
Of the old sod
Married in 1875
Farmers settled in Rockport
Leased land
Deep into Dogtown Common
Raised a clan of thirteen
Many hands for honest labor
Charles Nugent (1876-1959)
Starting in right away
Then another a year later
Margaret Josephine (1877-1949)
My grandmother
Followed by more and more
Robert (1879-1913)
John M. (1881-1913)
Two sons deceased in their prime
Just before the Great War
Thomas Francis (1882-1949)
James Paul (1884-1973)
Irish Twins
Henry M. (1886-1966)
William Edward (1886-1974)
Julia M. (1889-1944)
George C. (1890-1965)
Joseph (1891- Unknown)
Mary E. (1893-1913)
Untimely death at twenty
Catherine (1897- Unknown)
The last at 46
Thirteen over 21 years
Three gone too soon
Patrick fathered another
Rogue that he was
Great Aunt Caddy without heirs
Nine formed families
Went forth and multiplied
Populating the world
With Democrats
Now with prosperity
Likely some Republicans
Saints preserve us