Nudie's of Hollywood

Gonzo Rhinestone Cowboy

By: - Jun 24, 2015



Elton John invited me to LA
Hanging in Hollywood
Under wing of
Elton’s PR guy
Legendary Norm Winter
Wouldn’t let me
Open my wallet
Wined and dined
Had expense money
From Herald Traveler
Bash at historic
Saint Francis Hotel
In Frisco
Orgy in the rooms
Norm leaned over
To nude multi tasking
Lady of leisure
I have a VIP
Can he get in there
Thanks but no thanks
Grabbed tequila
From the open bar
Wandered off
Into the night
Best to forget
Flying back to LA
By way of Burbank
Norm said
Let’s visit my friend
Nudie of Hollywood
He was napping
Sized me up
Try this on
Bright orange
Nashville suit of lights
Steaks on grills
Up rhinestone legs
Norm flipped
It’s you baby
Offer I could not refuse
Made for one hit wonder
Never picked it up
Just my size
That night
Norm insisted I wear it
To the Troubadour
The Pointer Sisters
Nobody noticed the bling
Different story back in
Years later
Peter Wolf asked
Hey Man
Yah still got the suit
Now a museum piece
In plastic wrap
Hanging in the closet
With my
Rock and roll shoes