James Flynn

Ran Boston Taverns and Inns

By: - Jul 10, 2015

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James Flynn

The Flynns settled in Canada
Came to Rockport
Masons who worked on
Granite breakwater
Ran inn and tavern
In Annisquam
Then Gloucester
James got drunk as a teenager
Sick as a dog
Swore off booze
Ran saloons and hotels
In Boston
Silver Dollar Bar
Lower Washington Street
Largest in Boston
Never allowed women
Caused trouble
During prohibition
Ran whiskey from Canada
Drove a Pierce Arrow
Loaded up for run
Through Smuggler’s Notch
In New Hampshire
Mom made deliveries
After school
Knock on the door
From Mr. Flynn
Ran speakeasy
Paid off the cops
Daughter Dorothea
With deceased first wife
Married Josephine Nugent
They raised Mom, Arthur, Mary and James
As well as Dorothea
Like her own
Lured away by her aunts
Broke my grandmother's heart
Rarely mentioned after that