Baylor Bullies

Sicilian Deep in the Heart of Texas

By: - Jul 16, 2015

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Baylor Bullies

Columbia School of Pharmacy
Working three jobs
Hard times
Supporting the family
School at night
Flunked out
Too exhausted to focus
Decision to study full time
Franklin and Marshall
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Home for break
Caught 1919 flu
Almost died
Heard funeral bands
Passing by in Brooklyn
Baylor University
For medicine
Long train ride south
Deep in the heart of Texas
No place for Sicilians
Wore letter sweater
With Big B
Hard working and proud
Angered Good Old Boys
Assaulted by crackers
Fellow students
Boxed in self defense
Tough city kid
Put a hurt on them
Never bothered after that
Back to New York
Home to his Mom
Surgery resident
Bellevue Hospital
Promising career
Breaking out of