Elvis in London

Frigid Spring Break

By: - Jan 08, 2016

London London London

Elvis in London

Crossing the Thames
Millenium Footbridge
Spanning the river
Below St. Paul's
To South Bank
On the other side
Former power plant
Now enormous
Tate Modern
Along the shore
Historic bridges
Big Ben
Keeping score
Brisk March
Spring break
Took a tour
Double decker
Top too cold
Astrid bundled up
Face sticking out
From hood
Drawn tight
Raucous St. Patrick's
Rowdy Irish
All night
Below our room
In Piccadilly
Walking to
West End
Young girls
Club kids
Half naked
Cavorting about
With Elvis
Looming large
Glamour and glitz
Freezing breeze
Bound to please
Randy Brits