Mea Culpa

Catholic Guilt

By: - Jan 16, 2016


Mea Culpa

Catholic Guilt
Sleep frenzy
Cold sweat
Rolling and tumbling
Heaven and hell
Cosmic karma
Bless me father
For I have sinned
It's been an
Since my last confession
These are my sins
Yes my son
What evil have you done
Everything father
You name it
All of them
The horror
Like Kurtz
In the cave
Gone mad
Up river
Of no return
Can you be more specific
My son
Not really
In my mind
Man is capable
Of anything
Given motive
And opportunity
That's heavy
My son
Tell me about it
Deep down
I have committed
Every sin
How low do you go
Maybe even you
All of us really
Hearts of darkness
Well my son
Five Our Fathers
Five Hail Marys
Bless you my son
God forgives you
Thank you father
What a relief
Good grief
The nuns
Did a number
On me
So young
Praying on
The vulnerable
Like Dante
In his