Art and Politics

Cusp of Primaries

By: - Jan 19, 2016


Art and Politics

Election year
Posters of
Ringed by bugs
Licking lips
Torn and tattered
Pleading for votes
Power over people
Here in the USA
Not really different
Eve of primaries
Iowa and New Hampshire
Not billboards
Plastered on TV
Relentless ads
Trump to Jeb
Cruz control
Pleading appealing
Circus comes to town
Donuts and burgers
With the locals
Town meetings
Man of the people
Back on the bus
Press in tow
Off they go
Photo ops
Sound bites
Evening news
CNN all day
Talk shows
Indeed talk talk talk
Heartland issues
Mongering hate
Rants and raves
Come summer
Narrowed to two
Dog fight finish
Obama lame ducking
Now till then
Art of politics