Friends, Romans, Trumpians

A House Divided

By: - Jan 19, 2017

Friends,  Romans, Trumpians

Steps of the Capital
Cold day in January
Friends, Romans, Trumpians
Harrowing refrain
An Antony it seems
Bearing bloody corpse
Of Democracy
Slaughtered by
The Senate
I come to bury freedom
Not to praise it
Words wafting
Over believers
Congress in togas
Cabinet of
Generals and billionaires
Fox guarding henhouse
Thrill of victory
Edge of their seats
Many empty
Mourners elsewhere
In the streets
Protesting this
Funereal event
Elevating tweeting
Gadfly canary
Blathering vulgarian
Gushing screed
To the tune of
Marching bands
Baton twirlers
Third tier entertainers
Country singers
Grand Wizards
Hoisting toasts
Praetorian Guard
Proudly proclaims
Hail Caesar
Short lived triumph
At least for now
Beware the
Ides of March