Hail Caesar

By: - Feb 02, 2024

Hail Cesar

That imperial scowl
Contempt for one and all
Those who assail him
Imperial landlord
Golf courses and condos
Art of the steal
Liberal prosecutors
How dare they
Witch hunts
Rabid Salemites
Cotton Doesn't Matter
High crimes
Not misdemeanors
Rape and defamation
Make him pay
Loose lips
Sink blue chips
Lawyers charge billable hours
$50 million so far
From campaign funds
Tangled up in blue
Sue baby sue
Gobsmacked masses
Ersatz Sans Coulottes
Eating cake
Hard earned savings
For the billionaire
Who would be emperor
Ending democracy
Elected dictator
An orange Julius
Backed by his court
Mocking rule of law
Intent on ruin
Freedom and liberty
On the run
Bunkered Hill
Hail to the chief
His majesty
The thief