ORBS: Tunnel City Coffee at Mass MoCA

Installation of Paintings by Jane Hudson

By: - Feb 20, 2022

Installation of Paintings by Jane Hudson
Tunnel City Coffee at Mass MoCA
On view, Mon.-Fri., 7-2pm, Sat. and Sun., 9-4

Jane Hudson, resident of Williamstown, is known widely in art and music circles.  She has shown photographs and paintings in North Adams and Williamstown for over 15 years. Formerly of Boston she taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

This series of 12 paintings on canvas hang on the rough brick walls of Tunnel City Coffee on the Mass MoCA campus. They bring a dynamic energy to the space. They depict orbs of various hues surrounded by bursts of color as radiant beams.

There is also a border of measured blocks of color. This confinement brings a kind of pulsing tension to the work. They can be looked at as heavenly bodies, as dynamic sources of cosmic energy, or as contemporary abstraction!

Artist Statement

This group of paintings came about in my growing understanding of the radiance emanating from and within all things. These pieces release a passion that is both personal and cosmic. These bodies are locations of energy, orbs of light if you will. 

I am loving the gesture and the color as separate from any meaning I might ascribe to them. The movement, the stacking of color, the containment of the border all interact to create a magnetic pulse, the language of the Universe!

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