Scat Singer Annie Ross

Sings a Song of Basie

By: - Feb 28, 2016

Annie Ross

Scat Singer Annie Ross

Three schoolboys
Jazz Workshop
1950s digging
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross
Nursing Shirley Temples
Acting cool
Hormones raging
Fixated on
Galvanic Annie Ross
Swinging in
Red satin sheath
Elbow length
White gloves
Like Lady Day
Hiding tracks
Ripping scat
Vocalese masters
Voices like horns
Lester Leaps In
Jumpin’ at the Woodside
Goin’ to Kansas City
All the Basie riffs
Blistering speed
Blur of lyrics
Early on
Duets with legendary
King Pleasure
Solo with Mulligan
I Feel Pretty
Backed by baritone
Growling blend
Rough and smooth
Sent me to heaven
Teen lust
Rare Boston gig
Decades later
Returned to London
Awesome icon
Surviving outrageous
Era of jazz supreme