Ancient Oracles

Horror Vacui

By: - Mar 09, 2016


Ancient Oracles

You’re not ready
Cambridge framer and gallerist
Seymour Swetsoff said
Before my second
One man show
In the 1960s
The first had been
A disaster
At Hoffman/ Youngaus
On Bow Street
Above the café
Better and smarter
So I thought
Daily meditations
Basement of the MFA
Deep into secrets
Of the ancients
Read the
Egyptian and Tibetan
Books of the Dead
Song of Milarepa
Consuled I Ching
Kept a diary
Of oracles
Visits to the museum’s
Catalan chapel
Stolen from Spain
Faith driven
All of that
Got into the drawing
Horror vacui
Densely packed
Sweat equity
Acid test
Crowded opening
Egyptians came
Dr. Smith
Admired my work
Pastel study
After Rubens
Great party
North End pad
Till the brick
Smashed though
A window
Irate neighbors
Cops raiding
Mr. Sorentino
My landlord
Tossed them out
The kids just
Want to have fun
Seymour called
The next day
Fred C. Work
Bought that iconic
Drawing and
Several more
Mad money
Bought a used
Alpha Romeo
Typical Italian
Refused to
Drive in the rain
Long gone
Youthful adventure
After images
Premature obsessions
With infinity
Ancient thoughts
Still vibrant
Decades later
Clinging to